Shiawassee County Suicide Prevention Plan 2008


Healthy Kent Suicide Prevention Plan: Intervening in the Tapestry of Life – Providing Hope

This document outlines the suicide prevention strategy for Kent County, Michigan. The goals & objectives of the plan include community development, community education, training for health care professionals & community workers, postvention services for any Kent County resident affected by an attempted suicide or death by suicide, developing broad-based community support for the plan, &[…]

Monroe County Suicide Prevention Plan

The suicide prevention plan for Monroe County, Michigan has 3 main components: awareness, intervention, & follow-up. This document outlines the goals & objectives associated with each of these. Awareness goals include community development & community education, the reduction of stigma, the implementation of prevention programs, & reducing the number of suicides in Monroe County. The[…]

Gender and Suicide Risk: the Role of Wound Site


Correlates of Serious Suicidal Ideation and Attempts in Female Adult Sexual Assault Survivors

Why Does Zeno the Stoic Hold his Breath? “Zenoism” as a new Variable for Studying Suicide

A single misfortune may be seen as just that or may be interpreted as Zeno the Stoic did, as a sign of cosmic proportion(zenoizing) which paradoxically provides a missing meaning structure. This article presents two studies testing this new variable. Study One explored the moderating effects of religiosity & gender on zenoism, depression, demoralization, &[…]

Recent Suicidal Ideation Among Patients in an Inner City Emergency Department

The rates & associated features of suicide ideation among 5,641 patients seeking routine, nonsuicide-related care in a Flint, Michigan emergency department were examined. Approximately 8% of patients seeking routine care in the emergency department reported some form of suicide ideation within the past 2 weeks. Suicide ideation was common in individuals who were single with[…]

Prisoner Rights and Suicide

Kalamazoo County Suicide Prevention Plan


Tragedy at Beecher High