Shiawassee County Suicide Prevention Plan 2008


Healthy Kent Suicide Prevention Plan: Intervening in the Tapestry of Life – Providing Hope

This document outlines the suicide prevention strategy for Kent County, Michigan. The goals & objectives of the plan include community development, community education, training for health care professionals & community workers, postvention services for any Kent County resident affected by an attempted suicide or death by suicide, developing broad-based community support for the plan, & […]

Monroe County Suicide Prevention Plan

The suicide prevention plan for Monroe County, Michigan has 3 main components: awareness, intervention, & follow-up. This document outlines the goals & objectives associated with each of these. Awareness goals include community development & community education, the reduction of stigma, the implementation of prevention programs, & reducing the number of suicides in Monroe County. The […]

Gender and Suicide Risk: the Role of Wound Site


Correlates of Serious Suicidal Ideation and Attempts in Female Adult Sexual Assault Survivors

Why Does Zeno the Stoic Hold his Breath? “Zenoism” as a new Variable for Studying Suicide

A single misfortune may be seen as just that or may be interpreted as Zeno the Stoic did, as a sign of cosmic proportion(zenoizing) which paradoxically provides a missing meaning structure. This article presents two studies testing this new variable. Study One explored the moderating effects of religiosity & gender on zenoism, depression, demoralization, & […]

Recent Suicidal Ideation Among Patients in an Inner City Emergency Department

The rates & associated features of suicide ideation among 5,641 patients seeking routine, nonsuicide-related care in a Flint, Michigan emergency department were examined. Approximately 8% of patients seeking routine care in the emergency department reported some form of suicide ideation within the past 2 weeks. Suicide ideation was common in individuals who were single with […]

Prisoner Rights and Suicide

Kalamazoo County Suicide Prevention Plan


Tragedy at Beecher High

Firearm Homicide and Suicide in Michigan


Biological Predictors of Suicidality in Schizophrenia


Another Case of Student Suicide

A Resource Guide for Families Dealing With Mental Illness

Helping the Mentally ill in Jails Adjust to Community Life: a Description of a Postrelease ACT Program and its Clients


Attitudes and Behaviors on Physician-Assisted Death: a Study of Michigan Oncologists


The Impact of Violence Exposure on African American Youth in Context

20 Years With Survivor Groups, yet Questions Linger

Neighborhood Service Organization Emergency Telephone Service/Suicide Prevention Center’s Mobile Crisis Response Team

Published in “Back to the Future: Refocusing the Image of Suicide,” ed. by J L McIntosh

Suicide Prevention Plan for Michigan 2005

An Uncertain Future for Assisted Suicide

Whatever Happened to the Jock, the Brain, and the Princess? Young Adult Pathways Linked to Adolescent Activity Involvement and Social Identity

This study examined young adult sequelae of participation in high school activities & identity group for 900 participants from the Michigan Study of Life Transitions. Performing arts participation predicted more years of education as well as increases in drinking between ages 18 & 21, & higher rates of suicide attempts & psychologist visits by the […]

Life Ownership Orientation and Attitudes Toward Abortion, Suicide and Capital Punishment

Initial support is outlined for a new scale called the Life Ownership Orientation Questionnaire, which assesses the extent to which one believes that God, the individual, or society has the power to control & govern one’s life. The strength of respondents’ god ownership orientation demonstrated higher predictive validity with regard to attitudes toward abortion, suicide, […]