Hope, help, and healing: Culturally embedded approaches to suicide prevention, intervention and postvention services with Native Hawaiian youth

Suicide rates have reached their highest documented levels in the United States with the greatest increases among indigenous youth, including Native Hawaiians. Culturally informed, effective prevention and treatment services are needed now more than ever for Native communities to heal and flourish. Multicomponent prevention and service strategies rooted in indigenous values and approaches show the […]

Change pathways in Indigenous and nonindigenous youth suicide

Multivariate dynamic relationships among suicide attempts, anxiety and/or depressive symptoms, hope, and help-seeking were examined across time in Native Hawaiian and non-Hawaiian adolescents, using data from a 5-year longitudinal cohort study (N = 7,317). The rate of suicide attempts decreased over time, but this reduction was significantly less among Native Hawaiian youth than their non-Hawaiian peers. There […]

Examining Youth Anxiety Symptoms and Suicidal Ideation in the Context of the Tripartite Model of Emotion


A Suicide Prevention Advisory Group at an Academic Medical Center


Suicide and Suicidal-Related Behaviors Among Indigenous Pacific Islanders in the United States


Toll of Methamphetamine of the Trauma System

Hypothesis  Methamphetamine use affects length of hospital stay in the minimally injured patient. Design  Case series. Setting  The only tertiary trauma center serving Hawaii. Patients  Trauma patients examined during a 12-month period with an Injury Severity Score of 1 to 5 and an age of 18 to 55 years undergoing urine toxicology screen for suspected […]

Cultural Identification and Attempted Suicide in Native Hawaiian Adolescents


Native Hawai’ian Youth Suicide Prevention Project. No Ke Ola Pono o Ke Kaiaulu “Establishing a Community Lifestyle in Balance”: a Manual for Gatekeeper Trainers


Hawaii Injury Prevention Plan 2005-2010

Considered, Made a Plan, and Attempted Suicide: Baseline Estimates Adult Population of Hawai`i, Hawai`i Health Survey 2001

The following report summarizes data on suicide ideation amongst the adult population of Hawai`i. Data was collected by the Hawai`i Health Survey, a statewide random telephone survey, for the year 2001, and based on 6 questions related to the adult respondent of the household having considered, having made a plan, and having attempted suicide in […]

The Rate and Characteristics of Suicide Attempters in the Native Hawaiian Adolescent Population

1770 Native Hawaiian high school students were surveyed for symptoms of psychopathology & suicide attempts in the previous 6 months. 4.3% reported a suicide attempt. Depression, anxiety, aggression, substance abuse & low family support, but not peer support were correlated with suicide attempts. Regression, depression, substance abuse & family support independently predicted attempts. Little difference […]

Low Serum Cholesterol and Mortality: Which is the Cause and Which is the Effect?

Changes in total cholesterol level were examined over a 6-year period in relation to subsequent 16-year mortality in a cohort of 5941 Japanese American men. The association of total cholesterol change with mortality was investigated with standard survival analysis techniques. The risk-factor-adjusted rate of all-cause mortality was 30% higher among subjects with a decline from […]

Jail Suicide Update

This issue (v.4, no.1, Spring 1992) of Jail Suicide Update contains 2 articles. The first article presents the pro-active response of the Maui County Police Department to suicide attempts & completions in their jails – a detailed case history is included. The second article discusses the assessment of mental health in Louisiana jails, including the […]

Temporal Variation in Adolescent Suicide Attempts

The association between adolescent suicide attempts & temporal cycles in a multiethnic population was examined. Medical records at 2 Hawaiian hospitals for the years 1987-1991 were reviewed. Results showed 296 adolescents attempted suicide & temporal factors were associated with the attempts. A significant increase was found during the afternoon/evening & on Mondays & Tuesdays. Results […]

Suicide Among Asian Americans and Social Deviancy

This brief article notes that the suicide rates of Chinese were higher in areas where there were a smaller percentage of Chinese, whereas for Japanese & Filipinos, the trend was in the opposite direction. Thus, only the suicide rates from Chinese-Americans fit the hypothesis of social deviancy suggested in 1987.

Trouble in Paradise: Jail Suicides on the Hawaiian Islands and a Police Department’s Pro-Active Response

This artricle notes that 7 suicides occurred in police department lock-up facilities in the Hawaiian Islands in 1991/92. It describes the 1989 suicide of a female detainee, & the proactive approach to developing a suicide prevention program subsequently taken by the Maui Police Department including: staff training, identification, staff communication, housing, supervision, intervention, reporting, & […]

Asphyxiophilia and Autoerotic Death

Eight cases of autoerotic asphyxia deaths on Oahu are reviewed. Distinguishing features typically separate these deaths from intentional suicides or homicides. The sexual nature of these incidents is a salient feature of the death. The etiology of the practice is unknown but worth investigation. 31 refs.

Crisis Screening and Diversion Services

In Hawaii, crisis intervention services have become an increasingly pressing concern of the mental health and substance abuse systems. Since 1983, the Crisis Response System Project (CRSP) provided mobile crisis intervention services 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This paper describes the community’s utilization of CRSP services, with special emphasis on the seriously […]

Developing Administrative Policy for Suicidal Patients

This article details how a 500 bed hospital developed & implemented a hospital-wide policy for dealing with suicidal patients. Included are the resultant guidelines & the flow chart developed for easy reference. As a result of this newly designed policy, the hospital is able to provide consistently safe care to high risk patients, furnish staff […]

Needs Assessment and Policy Development: Native Hawaiians as Native Americans

The severe educational, social & health needs of Native Hawaiians parallel those of other Native American & minority groups. This article reviews some of the findings of several studies & needs assessments which have been done on Native Hawaiians. Recommendations from cultural/historical, mental health, medical & nutritional/dental task forces are discussed. The author comments on […]

Suicide: an Ethnic Comparison in Hawaii

A demographic investigation of suicide & suicide attempts in Hawaii: age, sex, ethnicity & other variables are examined. Official records for 1959-65 were analyzed to determine patterns. Significant differences were found between ethnic groups on several variables. Suicide attempts were consistently related to incides of social disorganization. Compared to those of East Asian ancestry, those […]

Japanese Suicides in Honolulu, 1958-1969

Cultural reasons for the high rate of suicide for Japanese residents of Hawaii were examined using data from 1959-65. Completers were likely first generation Japanese, over 50, and living in multiple family situations. Many had a history of suicidal threats, were under medical care in the previous 6 months and had completed at home. That […]

Ethnicity and Suicide in Hawaii

Investigated the effect of ethnicity on suicide among Japanese, Caucasians & Filipinos. Results support the hypothesis that Japanese had the highest tendency to suicide & Filipinos had the lowest. However, the suicide rates of the 3 groups appeared to approach a common value. While age & sex were highly significant in explaining suicides, magnitude & […]