Suicide deaths among women in California living with handgun owners vs those living with other adults in handgun-free homes, 2004-2016

Importance  Little is known about the extent to which secondhand exposure to household firearms is associated with risk of suicide in adults who do not own guns, most of whom are women. Objective  To evaluate changes in risk of suicide among women living in gun-free households after one of their cohabitants became a handgun owner. Design, Setting,[…]

Suicide prevention in California: Three goals for developing a statewide plan.

The Mental Health Services Oversight and Accountability Commission (MHSOAC) is charged with developing a statewide suicide prevention plan. In my testimony today, I would like to highlight three goals that MHSOAC should consider when designing this plan to support local communities and stakeholders in preventing suicide across the state. The first goal is to provide better[…]

The mental health status of single-parent community college students in California.

Single-parenting students face unique challenges that may adversely affect their mental health, which have not been explored in community college settings. OBJECTIVE:
The authors conducted secondary analysis of Spring 2013 data from the American College Health Association-National College Health Assessment to examine difficulties facing single-parent community college students and the association between single parenting[…]

Do suicides from the Golden Gate Bridge cluster?

Suicides from popular venues (known as “hotspots”) are often publicized and may result in imitation by subsequent suicides that may lead to clustering of the suicides over time. In order to examine whether the suicides from the Golden Gate Bridge showed clustering, data from the 224 suicides during 1999–2009 were analyzed using the Anderson-Darling Test[…]

Suicide prevention hotlines in California: Diversity in services, structure, and organization and the potential challenges ahead.

Suicide prevention hotlines in California respond to callers in need and reduce caller distress, but could improve their services and reach more users by expanding digital offerings such as chat services and establishing better programs to monitor and improve the quality of their services, according to new studies from the RAND Corporation. Evaluating nearly a[…]

Suicides mounting: Golden Gate looks to add a safety net.

For 60 years, the directors of the Golden Gate Bridge, Highway and Transportation District, reflecting the live-and-let-live ethos that animates this city, never agreed to build a barrier. Now, with the numbers of suicides rising , the country has more annually than traffic fatalities , and the ages of those jumping here declining, they are[…]

Analysis of the cost effectiveness of a suicide barrier on the Golden Gate Bridge.

The Golden Gate Bridge (GGB) is a well-known Òsuicide magnetÓ and the site of approximately 30 suicides per year. Recently, a suicide barrier was approved to prevent further suicides. Cost-benefit analysis suggests that a suicide barrier on the GGB would result in a highly cost-effective reduction in suicide mortality in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Giving People Help and Hope: Suicide Prevention Strategic Plan

This report outlines the strategic plan for the prevention of suicide in Santa Clara County, California. It opens with a review of the impact of suicide in Santa Clara County, what the Suicide Prevention Advisory Committee did, & what the Committee learned. The next part of the report summarizes local needs & is followed by[…]

Suicide Inquiry in Primary Care: Creating Context, Inquiring, and Following Up

152 primary care physicians were randomly recruited (53-61% of those approached) from 4 sites in northern California & Rochester, New York to participate in a study assessing the effect of a patient’s request for antidepressant medication on a physician’s prescribing behaviour. Standardized patients portraying 2 conditions & 3 antidepressant request types made 298 unannounced visits[…]

Let’s not Talk About It: Suicide Inquiry in Primary Care

See #2010-0000 for another article on this study.