Patterns and predictors of help-seeking contacts with health services and general practitioner detection of suicidality prior to suicide: a cohort analysis of suicides occurring over a two-year period


Suicidality and profiles of childhood adversities, conflict related trauma and psychopathology in the Northern Ireland population.

Four discrete risk profiles were revealed in the Northern Ireland population. Those who grew up during the Troubles experienced multiple traumas. The multi-risk class has heightened levels suicidality. Consider impact of co-occurring suicide risks when planning intervention programs.

Towards an understanding of the role of bereavement in the pathway to suicide.

Bereavement is considered to be a common precursor of death by suicide. Studies suggest those bereaved by suicide may be particularly vulnerable to suicide themselves. Recently, there has been a steady rise in the number of deaths by suicide in Northern Ireland. As a result, an increasing number of individuals have been exposed to bereavement […]

Piloting a therapeutic residential for children, young people and families bereaved through suicide in Northern Ireland.

Families bereaved by suicide can experience an extremely intense and complicated grieving process. This can be associated with a range of difficulties and can put bereaved family members at risk of a range of problems.

Characteristics of hospital-treated intentional drug overdose in Ireland and Northern Ireland.

This study compared the profile of intentional drug overdoses (IDOs) presenting to emergency departments in Ireland and in the Western Trust Area of Northern Ireland between 2007 and 2012. Specifically the study aimed to compare characteristics of the patients involved, to explore the factors associated with repeated IDO and to report the prescription rates of […]

Make Suicide Prevention Everyone’s Business. Suicide & Self Harm Prevention: Effective Practice Guidelines

This guideline from Northern Ireland has 5 chapters: 1) essential facts & information on suicide, self-harm, & prevention; 2) models of good practice; 3) look after yourself & others – a directory of useful contacts for the Northern area; 4) current training programs; & 5) useful references & publications. The information in the guideline is […]

Dealing With Suicide: the Needs of Clergy in Providing Pastoral Care

This report presents the results of a study commissioned to assess the specific needs of churches, religious bodies, & faith-based oganizations in relation to the suicide prevention strategy for Northern Ireland. Information is provided on the research methodology, quantitative findings, the clergy & their communities, causal explanations of suicide, theological views on suicide, the experience […]

Evaluation of Progress and Impact of the HAZ Implementation Plan to Prevent Suicide and Self Harm in North and West Belfast: Executive Summary

This executive summary provides information on the evaluation of the work done in north and west Belfast to prevent suicide & self-harm. The research methodology is outlined as are other topics such as rates of suicide, implementation of Task Group recommendations, establishing action groups, funding opportunities, progress against the recommendations, policy & research, improvement in […]

Evaluation of Progress and Impact of the HAZ Implementation Plan to Prevent Suicide and Self-Harm in North and West Belfast

This report presents an evaluation of the work of the North and West Belfast Health Action Zone Prevention of Suicide and Self Harm Implementation Group since its creation in 2006. The report includes the following topics of discussion: evaluation methodology, the work of the Implementation & Action Groups, activities funded through investing for health, stakeholder […]

Suicide and Marital Status in Northern Ireland

Suicide in Northern Ireland was examined by marital status & whether observed variation differed by gender & age. Data on all 1,398 suicides registered in 1996-2005 were analysed using Poisson regression. The total, male, & female age-standardised suicide rates were 8.4, 13.6, & 3.3 per 100000, respectively. Never marrying increased male risk & this effect […]

Suicide Prevention Strategy. Action Plan 2008-2009

Toxicity Awareness and Unintended Suicide in Drug Overdoses

This study sought to determine patients’ awareness of the toxicity of the drugs they had used to overdose, the source of these drugs, & whether they would have taken them had they been fully aware of their toxicity. A prospective review was done of 100 consecutive overdoses admitted through an accident & emergency department. Overall […]

Protect Life: a Shared Vision. The Northern Ireland Suicide Prevention Strategy and Action Plan 2006-2011

This document includes an analysis of suicide & self-harm in Northern Ireland that was done to inform the development of the prevention strategy. The goals & objectives of the strategy include: raising awareness of mental health & well-being issues; ensuring early recognition of mental ill-health & providing appropriate follow-up action; developing coordinated responses for those […]

Moving Forward: a Strategic Review of Foyle H&SS Trust’s Adult Mental Health Services

The Trouble With Suicide


Revised Self Harm and Suicide Prevention Policy

Protect Life: a Shared Vision – Suicide Prevention Strategy for Northern Ireland (Draft)

Section 75 Analysis of Suicide and Self-harm in Northern Ireland (2000-2005)

Out on Your own: an Examination of the Mental Health of Young Same-sex Attracted men

Promoting Mental Health: Strategy and Action Plan, 2003-2008

The Western Health and Social Services Board, Northern Ireland, Suicide Prevention Strategy

Published in “Back to the Future: Refocusing the Image of Suicide,” ed. by J L McIntosh

A Thematic Comparison of Suicide Notes Drawn From Northern Ireland and the United States

This study sought to investigate suicide notes drawn from Northern Ireland & the United States as these countries have broadly similar suicide rates but markedly different cultures. A theoretical-conceptual analysis of 60 suicide notes drawn from these countries was undertaken based on a thematic model of suicide across countries. The results suggested that there were […]

Under the Lens: An Evaluation of the Under Pressure Project