Suicidal Behavior in the Ukraine, 1988-1998

This reports studies the available data concerning suicide rates in the Ukraine. Official statistics for the period 1988-1998 were used. The suicide rate was 29.6/100,000 population in 1998. The frequency of suicide differs in various regions of the country, suicides being more frequent in the industrially developed regions & in the rural areas. Between 1988-1997 […]

Suicide in the Baltic Countries and in the Former Republics of the USSR

This study examined suicide rates in different regions of the former USSR. The periods studied were 1922-35 & 1965-68 for Estonia, 1968-90 for the 3 Baltic states, & 1984-90 for all 15 republics. The influence of sociopolitical & economic factors on suicide trends was explored. Suicide rates were found to vary widely between the republics […]

Male Suicides and Alcohol Consumption in the Former USSR

1984-88 suicide rates dropped 34.5%. The decline was observed after strict restrictions on the sale of alcohol were introduced. Data on male self-destructive behavior were analyzed for all former Soviet republics. Regression analysis with alcohol consumption as the independent variable, shows that suicide & alcohol consumption were positively correlated as were violent death & alcohol […]

Suicide Intervention Training Workshop in the USSR

This paper describes a suicide intervention training project carried out in Izhevsk, USSR. The paper summarizes the training group’s most important impressions of the trip.

Suicides in the Former Soviet Republics

The suicide rate in the former Soviet Union rose from 17.1/100,000 inhabitants in 1965 to 29.6 in 1984. In regions of long-standing traditional life styles, strong religious faith, & multi-generation families (the Caucasus & central Asia), the suicide rate was low, whereas in regions with sociopolitical antagonism & forced social changes (the Baltic States), it […]

Sex Differences of Suicide Actions in Adolescents With Borderline Disorders

This article reports findings of a study of adolescents aged 15 to 18 years of age in Russia. Three groups of suicide were investigated: affective, demonstrative, & “true” ones. Some comparisons of the findings to an adult population are provided. Pre-suicide states & attempted suicide are also discussed.

Report on the Telephone Service in Moscow

This article describes the Telephone Psychological Emergency Service in Moscow. The author outlines the problems with the service. For example, there has been no publicity advertising it as an emergency line, so they get many calls which involve less serious problems – for example, child rearing questions – which may stop suicidal people from receiving […]

Organization of Suicide and Suicide Attempt Prevention in the USSR

This brief report describes suicide prevention strategies in the U.S.S.R. The discussion includes the structure of the service, statistics, & principal pathways in prevention. (LH)