A typology of male prisoners making near-lethal suicide attempts

Background: Prisoners are at high risk of suicide. Aims: This study aimed to develop a typology of prison suicide. Method: We interviewed 60 male prisoners who made near-lethal suicide attempts in prison to obtain quantitative and qualitative data regarding psychiatric, psychological, social, and criminological factors. We analyzed this information to develop a typology to classify suicidal prisoners and […]

Typologies of suicide: A critical literature review

This review highlights proposed suicide typologies and identifies areas of future research. The current study is an illustrative, rather than exhaustive, qualitative review of theoretical and empirically derived typologies of suicide decedents. Theoretical and empirical typologies of suicide delineate between groups of suicide decedents based on individual, motivational, psychiatric, interpersonal, socio-demographic, and other variables. Certain […]

Suicide typologies in the United States Air Force: A hierarchical cluster analysis

Objective This study describes characteristics of United States Air Force (USAF) suicide decedents and determines subgroups. Method Retrospective review of demographic, psychiatric, event‐related, and psychosocial variables for USAF suicide decedents in the Suicide Event Surveillance System database was conducted between February 1999 and July 2009 (N = 376). Hierarchical cluster analysis was used to determine initial clusters […]

Assessing and treating different suicidal states in a Danish outpatient sample.

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