Suicide prevention from the perspectives of gay, bisexual, and two-spirit men

Although gay, bisexual, and two-spirit men (GBTSM) experience high rates of suicidality, there have been few empirical studies of prevention initiatives and policies that could address or reverse this major social problem. This article reports on a photovoice study of 29 GBTSM who had a history of suicidality or lost a fellow GBTSM to suicide. […]

Using photovoice to understand suicidality among gay, bisexual, and two-spirit men

This study explored the drivers of suicidality from the perspectives of gay, bisexual, and two-spirit men (GB2SM) with a history of suicidality. Twenty-one GB2SM participated in this photovoice study taking photographs to depict and discuss their previous suicidality. Data were collected from in-depth individual interviews in which participants discussed their photographs and in turn offered […]

Two-spirits: Conceptualization in a L’nuwey worldview

The term two-spirit is a social marker used by Indigenous people who are LGBTQ in North America. The term gives a sense of unity among Indigenous people because of its commonality in socio-cultural, historical and spiritual contexts about their gender, sexuality and identity in general. In Nova Scotia, the term is common in mainstream and […]