Social Predictors of Suicidal Behaviour in Adolescents in Trinidad and Tobago

Data were collected on sociodemographic variables & suicidal behaviour from 1,845 respondents, aged 14-20, from 24 schools across Trinidad & Tobago. Gender differences were found for both suicide ideation & attempts. Respondents from reconstituted families had higher ideation compared to other family structures while intact families had the lowest rate for suicide attempts. Religious attendance […]

Variation of Homicidal and Suicidal Behaviour Within Trinidad and Tobago and the Associated Ecological Risk Factors

This study identified some of the risk factors associated with homicidal & suicidal behaviours in Trinidad & Tobago by disaggregating the homicide & suicide data available from police records for distinct geographical regions. Spearman rank correlation was used to determine whether any of the observed variations could be attributed to social or demographic factors. Homicide […]

Suicide in Trinidad and Tobago: Associations With Measures of Social Distress


High Rates of Paraquat-Induced Suicide in Southern Trinidad

This study reviewed the suicides in the area with the greatest agricultural activity in Trinidad for 1996 & identified the cases in which paraquat was ingested. Of 48 suicide cases, 39 were due to paraquat poisoning. Among males, 47.8% were in age group 25-34 & among females, 50% were in the 15-24 age group. Family […]

Assisted Suicide or Culpable Suicide: is There a Difference?

The author argues that there is a thin line between assisted suicide & culpable suicide. In this article, culpable suicide is used to describe contributory negligence attributed to persons who unknowingly assist another person’s suicide. Maharajh presents two cases of culturally determined culpable suicide in Trinidad. (5 refs.)

Suicide by Poisoning

An epidemiological evaluation was conducted on 270 patients who died because of deliberate self-poisoning between January 1986 & June 1990. The male to female ratio was 2.7:1. The majority of victims were in the age group 11-34 years. Lovers quarrels, psychiatric illness & family disputes were reported as the most frequent precipitating events in suicide. […]

Socio-Cultural Aspects of Attempted Suicide Among Women in Trinidad and Tobago

Studied differences in the distribution of female attempters among East Indian & African populations in Trinidad & Tobago. Data from 90 admissions show (a) there were similar attempt rates in each subgroup; (b) East Indians were older (over 25 years) than Africans; (c) East Indians used more domestic substances (e.g. bleach) than Africans. Both groups […]