Temporal and diurnal variation in social media posts to a suicide support forum

Background Rates of suicide attempts and deaths are highest on Mondays and these occur more frequently in the morning or early afternoon, suggesting weekly temporal and diurnal variation in suicidal behaviour. It is unknown whether there are similar time trends on social media, of posts relevant to suicide. We aimed to determine temporal and diurnal […]

Suicide timing in 18 states of the United States from 2003-2014

We investigated suicide timing over different time periods by age, sex and race/ethnicity. A total of 122,107 suicide deaths were identified from the population-based U.S. National Violent Death Reporting System in 18 U.S. states from 2003 through 2014. Suicides significantly increased (p < .05) from March to peak in September before falling, the first week of the […]

Antecedents and Patterns of Suicide Behavior in First-Admission Psychosis

This study described suicide behaviours before & during the 4 years following first psychiatric hospitalization, examined associations of demographic & psychiatric risk factors, & developed a suicide risk index for persons with psychotic illnesses. Data came from a first-admission cohort of 529 patients in the Suffolk County Mental Health Project. Prior to first admission, 28.0% […]

Association of FKBP5 Polymorphisms With Suicidal Events in the Treatment of Resistant Depression in Adolescents (TORDIA) Study

The relationship between candidate genes & 2 clinical outcomes, symptomatic improvement & the occurrence of suicidal events, was assessed in a sample of treatment-resistant depressed adolescents. Depressed adolescents were genotyped with respect to 21 polymorphisms on 12 genes that have a reported association with depression, treatment response, or suicidal events. No response was observed between […]

Risk Factors and Pathways Leading to Suicide With Special Focus in Schizophrenia: The Northern Finland 1966 Birth Cohort Study

This study investigated risk factors, developmental pathways, & the rate of attempted or completed suicide in a longitudinal population-based prospective birth cohort in Finland. Data was collected prospectively for 10,934 individuals, born in 1966, & alive & resident in Finland at age 16. A total of 121 suicide attempts & 69 suicides had occurred by […]

Emergency Department Contact Prior to Suicide in Mental Health Patients

A case review was done of emergency department records for 286 individuals who died by suicide within 12 months of mental health contact in northwest England, 2003-2005. 124 individuals had attended the emergency department at least once in the year prior to their death &, of these, 35 had attended the emergency department on more […]

Monthly and seasonal variations in emergency department visits for drug-related suicide attempts: 2004-2008

Report by SAMHSA reflecing relationship between seasonal changes and visits to the emergency room because of drug-related suicide attempts.

Monthly and seasonal variations in emergency department visits for drug-related suicide attempts: 2004-2008

Report by SAMHSA reflecing relationship between seasonal changes and visits to the emergency room because of drug-related suicide attempts.

Completed suicides in the district of Timur Laut, Penang Island–a preliminary investigation of 3 years(2007-2009)prospective data

This article describes the completed suicide patterns which occurred in the Timur Laut district of Penang Island, Malaysia. In a prospective cohort study over the three years period (2007-2009) there were 138 cases of suicide deaths. The number of suicide deaths for the year 2007, 2008 and 2009 were 45, 41 and 52 deaths, respectively. […]

Review of Suicidal Cases, a Retrospective Study

This paper reports on 159 suicides during 2003-2004 & examined post-mortem in an unidentified district of India. A detailed study was done of age, gender, time of suicide, socioeconomic status, education, & precipitating conditions. Information was also sought from victims’ relatives & suicide notes, where available. Psychosocial factors, like family disputes, played a greater role […]

Particularities of Suicide in the Elderly. A Population-Based Study

A population-based study of elderly suicide was undertaken, including 1008 suicides in Middle Franconia between 2004-2007. Data was analyzed regarding gender, methods, initiating motive, & chronobiological factors at the time of death. Higher rates of suicide were observed in the population at risk over 65 years old, in both genders. There were significant differences regarding […]

Immediate Risk of Suicide and Cardiovascular Death After a Prostate Cancer Diagnosis: Cohort Study in the United States

A cohort study of 342,497 American patients diagnosed with prostate cancer from January 1979-December 2004 was conducted. Follow-up started from the date of diagnosis to the end of the first 12 calendar months after diagnosis. The relative risks of suicide & cardiovascular death were calculated as standardised mortality ratios. During the follow-up, 148 men died […]

Re: Immediate Risk of Suicide and Cardiovascular Death After a Prostate Cancer Diagnosis: Cohort Study in the United States

In this letter to the editor, the authors comment on Fang et al’s 2010 study & report on their own study of the risk of suicide & cardiovascular death in Swedish males diagnosed with prostate cancer. Men diagnosed with advanced or metastatic prostate cancer are at increased risk of suicide, including posttraumatic stress symptoms & […]

Excess Mortality, Causes of Death and Prognostic Factors in Anorexia Nervosa

This study sought to estimate standardised mortality ratios & to investigate potential prognostic factors in anorexia nervosa. 6009 women who had had inpatient treatment for anorexia nervosa were followed-up retrospectively using Swedish registers. The overall standardised mortality ratio was 6.2. Anorexia nervosa, psychoactive substance use & suicide had the highest standardised mortality ratios. 84 deaths […]

Are Patients With Depression at Heightened Risk of Suicide as They Begin to Recover?

It has long been taught & believed that patients with depression & suicidal tendencies are at heightened risk of suicide as they begin to recover & their energy & motivation return. This article examines this belief. Although no studies have tracked suicide along with symptomatic change in depression, recent large-scale studies of suicide & phase […]

Prospective Predictors of Suicide Attempts in Borderline Personality Disorder at one, two, and two-to-Five Year Follow-Up


Individual and Parental Psychiatric History and Risk for Suicide Among Adolescents and Young Adults in Denmark: a Population-Based Study

Suicide risk among adolescents & young adults was explored according to detailed aspects of individual & parental psychiatric admission history. A nested case-control study used data from 4,142 Danish suicides & 82,840 matched controls, aged 9-35 years. Data were analyzed with conditional logistic regression. A history of hospitalized psychiatric illness was a strong risk factor […]

Effect of 7 July 2005 Terrorist Attacks in London on Suicide in England and Wales

This study examined the effects of the July 2005 terrorist attacks in London on suicide rates in England & Wales. An analysis was done of the number of suicide & undetermined injury deaths reported in the 12 weeks before & after July 7. Shewhart Control Charts based on Poisson rates were used to explore adjusted […]

Suicides Among Older Persons in Finland and Time Since Hospitalization Discharge

This study examined the timing of suicide among elderly & middle-aged persons after their final hospitalization & examined characteristics of suicides in relation to the timing of suicide. Data were examined for 370 Northern Finnish middle-aged (50-64 years) & 194 elderly (65 years or older) suicide victims. Compared with elderly persons whose suicide occurred more […]

The Duration of the Suicidal Process: how Much Time is Left for Intervention Between Consideration and Accomplishment of a Suicide Attempt

This study investigated suicide attempters’ reports on the length of time between consideration & accomplishment of a suicide attempt. 82 patients referred to a psychiatric university hospital were approached within 3 days after their attempt. Data were collected from July 2004-December 2005. Nearly half of the patients reported the period between the first current thought […]

Suicide Rate in Schizophrenia in the Northern Finland 1966 Birth Cohort

Data were collected for 10,934 individuals alive in Finland at the age of 16 from the Northern Finland 1966 Birth Cohort. The Finnish Hospital Discharge Register was used until the end of 1997 to identify cases with mental disorder. 100 subjects met criteria for schizophrenia. Deaths by the end of 2005 were ascertained from death […]

Suicidal Attempts by Prescription Drug Overdose in the Elderly: a Study of 44 Cases

A series of 44 consecutive elderly Greek patients admitted to hospital after deliberate self-poisoning was reviewed for associated medical & psychosocial factors. In all but 3 cases, the overdose involved prescribed drugs. Women outnumbered men 2.7 to 1. There was a high proportion of chronic psychiatric & medical conditions. Chronic stress from physical illness, social […]

Immediate Risk for Cardiovascular Events and Suicide Following a Prostate Cancer Diagnosis: Prospective Cohort Study

This study examined whether the emotional stress evoked by a prostate cancer diagnosis increases the immediate risks of cardiovascular events & suicide. A prospective cohort study was done by following all men in Sweden who were 30 years or older for a diagnosis of prostate cancer. Poisson regression models were used to caculate relative risk […]