The undying holiday-suicide myth

The holiday-suicide myth, the false claim that the suicide rate rises during the year-end holiday season, persisted in some news coverage through the 2021-22 holidays, according to U.S. media data collected and analyzed by the Annenberg Public Policy Center (APPC). In fact, although the U.S. suicide rate increased in 2021 after two years of declines, […]

Suicides around major public holidays in South Korea.

A dip and peak pattern of suicide around major public holidays has been found in developed countries and explained by the broken promise effect. Focusing on two major holidays in South Korea (New Year’s Day and Thanksgiving Day, both on the lunar calendar), replication of the dip and peak pattern was done by analyzing individual […]

Post Holiday Season Awareness

This message from the AAS president urges readers to take a few moments after the holiday season to reach out to people bereaved by suicide or those who may be suicidal to let them know they are important.

Blue Monday Phenomenon Among men: Suicide Deaths in Japan

The ratios of the number of suicides per day, by day of the week, & on weekdays relative to holidays were calculated using the data for all suicides recorded in Japan in 2003. Among men of all ages, the suicide death ratio on Mondays was found to be significantly high & the ratios were found […]

The Media and the Holiday Suicide Myth: Press Reporting of the Link Declines

The myth that suicide rates increase around Christmas has frequently appeared in the media. Since 2000, the Annenberg Public Policy Center has analyzed American newspaper articles linking end-of-year holidays & suicide. Results show the percentage of stories debunking the myth has more than doubled since the survey was started.

Relationship Between Suicide and Holidays


Reduction in the Suicide Rate During Advent-a Time Series Analysis


Suicide and the Media

Psychopathology and Holidays – Suicidal, Depressive and Anxiety Newsgroups on the Internet

Published in “The Suicidal Process: Challenges for Treatment and Prevention”

Transposition of Suicidal Behaviour: Suicide Attempts Around Public Holidays in Europe

Published in “The Suicidal Process: Challenges for Treatment and Prevention”

Suicide at Christmas


A Suicide Peak After Weekends and Holidays in Patients With Alcohol Dependence

This paper analyzes the variation of suicide by day of the week in alcohol dependence, with public holidays taken into consideration. From 1949 through 1969, 1312 patients with alcohol dependence were admitted to the Department of Psychiatry in Lund. By 1997, a total of 102 alcoholic patients had taken their own life. Suicide victims with […]

Suicide at Christmas

This article briefly examines the rate of suicide over the Christmas holidays. No evidence is found for a change in suicide rates over the Christmas holidays, but an increase in rates on January 1st & after is found. (1 ref)

Short and Medium-Term Variations in Mortality in Finland: a Study on Cyclic Variations, Annual and Weekly Periods and Certain Irregular Changes in Mortality…

This article identifies different temporal variations in suicide rates using a large material & time series analysis. The article provides various explanations for the seasonal & temporal cycles of increased rates of suicide. The article specifically looks at a secondary autumn peak in suicide rates & identifies groups which are susceptible to disturbances in social […]

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year? Myths and Truths About Holiday Suicide and Depression

The author argues that the common perception that suicide rates increase over the Christmas season is a myth, & one that is perpetuated by inaccurate media coverage. The role of depression in suicide is discussed, as are conditions such as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) & social phobia, which may contribute to levels of stress & […]

There are Days…and Moons…and Public Holidays. Self-Poisoning is not Lunacy

This letter to the editor presents a tongue-in-cheek examination of the association between public holidays and self-destructive behaviours. The point is made that, contrary to popular belief, public holidays generally seem to have a protective effect against self-harm behaviours.

Postponed Suicide Death? Suicides Around Birthdays and Major Public Holidays

Attempted Suicide and Major Public Holidays in Europe: Findings From the WHO/EURO Multicentre Study on Parasuicide

The relationship between suicide attempts & major public holidays in Europe was examined. The analysis was based on data from 13 centres on 24,388 suicide attempts by persons aged 15+ years in the period 1989-1996. There appears to be a transposition of a significant number of suicide attempts from before (& during) a major public […]

Temporal Disappointment, Homicide and Suicide: an Analysis of Nonwhites and Whites

Timing of Completed Suicides Among Residents of Olmsted County, Minnesota, 1951-1985

Potential biases in other studies of suicide timing were assessed & minimized in this population-based study of suicide in Olmsted County, Minnesota. Using more accurate data, previous reports of no excess suicides on birthdays or during 3 American national holidays were confirmed. Previous findings of excess post-holiday suicides & suicide peaks on Mondays were not […]

Christmas: a Risk or Protective Factor for Suicide?

This article explores the commonly held belief that depression & suicide are more likely to occur during the Christmas season. It shows that this belief is not supported in the research literature. Data from USA studies are noted. A review of suicides in Alberta from 1989 to 1993 found August to have the highest frequency […]

Deliberate Self-Harm and Public Holidays: is There a Link?

A positive association between nonfatal deliberate self-harm in adolescents & holidays, e.g. St. Valentine’s Day & Christmas Day was previously reported (Davenport & Birtle, 1990). The present authors studied all cases of nonfatal deliberate self-harm presenting to 3 London hospitals on St. Valentine’s Day & Christmas Day & on 2 control dates, between 1983 & […]

A Comparison of Suicide-Dip Effects of Major Sport Events and Civil Holidays

This study tests the hypothesis that the lowering of suicide rates which occurs around major ceremonial occasions, particularly public holidays, also applies to major sports events. The authors compared the suicide patterns of July 4th & Thanksgiving Day with the last day of the World Series & Super Bowl Sunday. The rates were comparatively low […]