The Thematic Apperception Test as an aid in Understanding the Psychodynamics of Development of Chronic Idiopathic Pain Syndrome

41 chronically ill low-back pain patients were submitted to thematic apperception testing. The tape-recorded protocols were evaluated by 2 independent clinicians who judged almost all the patients as depressive. Others were also judged to have deep oral problems with suicidal tendencies. Results showed that one of the main characteristics of low-back pain patients is the […]

Factors Affecting Choice of Method of Suicide

Males using active and passive methods of suicide were compared for their fanatasy aggression on respones to the TAT. No significant differences were found.

Views of Death From Sufferers of Early Loss

Psychological Assessment of Suicidal Risk (RC 574 N47 1974)

Eleven papers evaluating suicidal risk assessment procedures from three general approaches. Firstly assessment via lethality scales which are behavioral and demographic in origin. Secondly traditional risk assessment evaluations through the use of psychological tests and thirdly an approach developed out of the information gleaned from intensive survey researches of the characteristics of suicidal individuals. (KB)

A Personality Study of Suicidal Schizophrenics (Micro RC 569 B45 1949)

Study to determine whether significant differences between the personalities of suicidal and non-suicidal schizophrenics could be determined through the utilization of projective techniques. In addition, the various indicators and patterns appearing in the techniques were studied to determine their efficacy in differentiating between these two schizophrenic groups. (KB)

An Analysis of Differences Between Suicidal and Pseudo-Suicidal Patients Through the Use of Projective Techniques (Micro RC 569 C72 1954)

Study of sixty-six patients admitted to Parkland Hospital, Dallas because of a known suicide attempt. Each was administered the Wechsler-Bellevue Intelligence Scale, Rorschach Test and the Thematic Apperception Test. (KB)

Phenomenal Environmental Oppressiveness in Suicidal Adolescents

A Cross Cultural Study of Certain Predisposing Characteristics to Suicide in a Group of Urban Detroit Youth (Micro HV 6548 U52D46 1978)

Study of 341 predominantly black adolescents in Detroit using a questionnaire to study possible suicidal ideation and/or other predisposing characterstics to suicide. Contains extensive tabulations of results including data on coping styles, responses to loss, school relatedness, social support and values. (KB)

Validity and Methodology in Projective Tests

The Precipitating Role of Discordant Interpersonal Relationships in Suicidal Behavior (Micro HV 6545 H37 1964)

Purposes of this investigation were to 1) develop reliable criteria for assessing a person’s suicide potentiality based on the intention of the individual rather than the consequence of the act. 2) to explore the relationships which might exist between the taking of one’s own life and the socio-psychological events in that person’s life, and 3) […]

The Interpersonal Behavior of Suicidal Individuals (Micro HV 6545 H62 1970)

Explanation of two hypotheses 1) suicidal patients’ interpersonal behavior, as revealed in a small group situation, will be significantly different from the interpersonal behavior of non-suicidal psychiatric patients. 2) suicidal patients’ interpersonal behavior in a small group situation will be differentially associated with the lethality of the person’s suicide attempt. (KB)

A Comparison of Suicidal and Nonsuicidal Patients by Means of the Thematic Apperception Test (Micro HV 6545 M17 1963)

Investigation to 1) develop a reliable method for assessing intention or expectation of the victim with respect to consequential death 2) to explore the value of the Thematic Apperception Test as a useful instrument for the assessment of suicidal potential and as a research tool for futher studies in suicidal behavior 3) to test a […]

Personality Differences Between Suicidal and Non-Suicidal Blacks: An Exploratory Study (Micro E 185.89 S8524 1976)

Study of the personality dynamics which differentiate the suicider from the non-suicider in the urban black community. Management and direction of aggression, the subjective experiences associated with the frustrating atmosphere of the inner city, and the degree of affiliation are some of the topics discussed. Sixteen subjects were administered the Adjective Check List, the Rosenzweig […]

TAT Heroes of Suicidal and Non-Suicidal Subjects

Attempts to Predict Suicidal Risk Using Psychological Tests

After reviewing attempts to predict suicide with psychological tests the author concludes that such efforts “have not been fruitful”. Research methods were judged to be weak in many studies and the use of general psychological tests was questioned. Development of reliable and specific suicide prediction scales was supported.