Talking Together About Death: a Bereavement Pack for People With Learning Disabilities, Their Families & Carers

This resource pack is specifically designed for families & carers to share the experience of death & bereavement with those with learning disabiliites. The package is set up so that materials can be selected to best meet the needs of the individual in exploring, discussing, & sharing personal feelings & experiences. The package contains a […]

Book Review-A Commonsense Book of Death: Reflections at Ninety of a Lifelong Thanatologist by E Shneidman

The reviewer states “this book should be read, especially by medical students & clinicians in their early phase of work, to provide them with knowledge of fundamental concerns about death & dying, & to prepare them to be empathic, skillful, & compassionate in thanatological interactions with patients.”.

Doctor, I Want to die. Will you Help me?

Death and Dying (IN: Medical Ethics, ed. by R M Veatch)

Book Review-End-of-life Decisions: a Psychosocial Perspective, ed. by M D Steinberg and S J Younger


Is Death the Spice of Life?

Besieged by Death-Immersed in Grief: Death and Bereavement in Brazil (IN: Death and Bereavement Around the World, vol.2: The Americas, ed. by J D Morgan…)

In order to provide a microcosmic view of death, dying, & grief in Brazil as experienced by urban families of various ages, social classes, & religions, authors explore the follow questions: Who dies in Brazil? Where does death occur? What evidence is there for hope? A discussion of the services for the dying & the […]

Attitudes, Beliefs, and Customs in Venezuela Concerning Death and Dying (IN: Death and Bereavement Around the World, vol.2: The Americas, ed. by J D Morgan and P Laungani)

How I Read


Book Review-Death and Bereavement Around the World, Vol.1-4, ed. by J Morgan and P Laungani

The author reviews the 4 volumes of “Death & Bereavement Around the World,” collections of essays discussing international understandings of death & bereavement. He finds that the editors, Morgan & Laungani, meet the needs of all professional health workers in providing important knowledge of thanatology. The author highlights key questions raised by the book, & […]

Death Writ Large

This article suggests that it might now be time to expand the scope & mission of thanatology to include large-scale death & death that occurs through complex & multi-domain processes. The 9-11-01 terrorist attacks on America are discussed as an example of mass death with complex correlates & consequences. Other examples are taken from the […]

Suicide and Hastened Death: a Biopsychosocial Perspective

For the original articles by J Westefeld et al, & Werth & Holdwick, please see SIEC #2004-0746 & #2004-0747. For related reactions, see SIEC #2004-0748 & #2004-0749

Thanatologists View Death: a 15-Year Perspective

This study examined the death attitudes of a number of prominent thanatologists over a 15-year span. Subjects were surveyed using Feifel’s Death Attitudes Questionnaire, a Death Semantic Differential Test, & a Death Metaphors Test in 1973 & again in 1988. Almost two-thirds reported some fear of death, & only 20 percent indicated that the idea […]

The Pendulum’s Swing

This article discusses the impact of advances in modern medicine on society’s attitude toward death. Physician-assisted suicide is analyzed according to its perceived attitude toward dying. The hospice movement , espousing healing & caring of terminally ill patients, is examined as a response to physician-assisted suicide in Britain & the United States. (SC)

Suicide in Japan


The Demise of the Last Emperor: its Influence on Japanese Society From a Thanatological Viewpoint

This article examines “junshi”, a Japanese practice in which subordinates took their own lives in order to follow their feudal lords into death. The death of Emperor Hirohito is used as illustration; 4 men took their lives after he died. Hirohito’s death is also used to discuss the public & private disclosure of a malignant […]

A Good Death: a Qualitative Study of Patients With Advanced AIDS

This article examines AIDS patients’ perspectives on what entails a good or bad death. The 12 domains of the qualified good or bad death include: symptoms, quality of life, people present, dying process, location, a sense of resolution, patient control of treatment, issues of spirituality, death scene, physician-assisted suicide, aspects of medical care, & the […]

Does Grief Counseling Work?

Most bereavement caregivers accept as a truism that their interventions are helpful. However, an examination of the bereavement intervention literature suggests that the scientific basis for accepting the efficacy of grief counselling may be quite weak. This article summarizes the findings of four recent qualitative & quantitative reviews of the bereavement intervention literature. It then […]

Grief: Lessons From the Past, Visions for the Future

This paper reviews how our understanding of bereavement, grieving & loss have evolved over the past millennium, focusing especially on the developments in research, theory & practice that have taken place during the 20th century. (49 refs)

On Death and Dying: What the Dying Have to Teach Doctors, Nurses, Clergy and Their own Families


Human Person, Spirituality and Thanatology (Basic Human Spirituality for the Thanatologist) Persona humana, espiritualidad y tanatologia

This article is an English translation. The original Spanish text is also available.

Personal Reflections About Spirituality in Thanatology Reflexiones personales sobre la espiritualidad en tanatologia

This article is an English translation. The original Spanish text is also available.

Against Euthanasia Contra la eutanasia

This article is an English translation. The original Spanish text is also available.