Temperament and character profiles of group-based suicide cases

Background: Personality and character traits may be a key predisposing factor to consider in the life course of people who are vulnerable to suicide. Aims: The aim of this study is first to explore the possible presence of different subgroups of suicide decedents based on developmental profiles of adversity, and secondly to examine the association of personality and […]

Temperament and character profile of college students who have suicidal ideas or have attempted suicide.

Highlights • To determine the relationship between suicidal risk and TCI dimensions. • The suicide attempt group displayed high levels of novelty seeking and persistence. • Self-directedness has a partial mediating effect between depression and suicide. • Self-directedness was found to reduce the effect of depressive mood on suicide risk.

The relationship between temperament and character features, and social problem solving in psychiatric patients who attempted suicide with drugs: Preliminary results.


Temperament, hopelessness, and attempted suicide: Direct and indirect effects.


Bipolar spectrum disorder: origins and state of the art.

The threshold chosen by categorical mental health classifications like DSM-IV-TR or ICD-10 for the diagnosis of bipolar disorders (BP) is too high, elevating the risk of misdiagnosing cases that closely resemble BP under several clinical variables like Òmajor depressive disorderÒ. Acknowledging and providing the necessary weight to the BP subthreshold forms may improve the clinical […]