Space-time self-harm and suicide clusters in two cities in Taiwan

Aims: Suicidal acts may cluster in time and space and lead to community concerns about further imitative suicidal episodes. Although suicide clusters have been researched in previous studies, less is known about the clustering of non-fatal suicidal behaviour (self-harm). Furthermore, most previous studies used crude temporal and spatial information, e.g., numbers aggregated by month and residence […]

Media representation of gender patterns of suicide in Taiwan

Background: Extensive media reporting of suicide events has been indicated as a contributing factor to the upsurge in suicide rates in Taiwan in the past decade. Aims: The study compares gender differences in sociodemographic profiles and method of suicide selectively reported in the newspapers and all suicide cases registered in official death records. It also identifies gender differences […]

The economic and potential years of life lost from suicide in Taiwan, 1997-2007

Background: Taiwan has experienced a marked increase in the suicide rate in the last decade. However, the socioeconomic burden and impact to the community has not been adequately assessed. Aims: This study aimed to estimate the social and economic burden of premature mortality from suicide in Taiwan in 1997-2007. Methods: The suicide rate, potential years of life lost […]

The increase in suicide risk in older adults in Taiwan during the COVID-19 outbreak

Background Studies from Western countries indicated that older adults were more resilient than younger ones to deteriorating mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic. As high late-life suicide rates have been reported in East Asia, it is possible that the pandemic impact might differ between East and West. We investigated the pandemic impact on age-specific suicide […]

Brief cognitive-based psychosocial intervention and case management for suicide attempters discharged from the emergency department in Taipei, Taiwan: A randomized controlled study

Objective We examined the effectiveness of brief cognitive-based psychotherapy plus standard case management in the prevention of further suicide attempts, clinical severity, and treatment adherence in a randomized clinical trial compared with standard case management. Method Among five hundred and ninety-seven patients presenting with suicide attempts, 147 participants were included. They were randomized into two […]

The risk of suicide in patients with critical illness: A population-based study in Taiwan

The authors investigated retrospectively the association between critical illness and risk of suicide attempts. The data are from Taiwan’s National Health Insurance Research Database. Propensity score matching, multivariable models, Kaplan–Meier analysis, and competing risk analysis were used to explore this association. The authors found that patients having an critical illness were associated with increased risk of suicide attempts after […]

Differences in reactions to media reporting of a celebrity suicide between emotionally distressed and nondistressed individuals in Taiwan

Background: The differences in emotional reactions toward media reports of celebrity suicides between distressed and non-distressed individuals have rarely been explored. Aim: We aimed to explore differences in reaction patterns to the news coverage of a celebrity’s suicide between distressed and nondistressed individuals in Taiwan. Method: We conducted an Internet survey to assess the impact of the news coverage of […]

Method-specific suicide rates and accessibility of means: A small-area analysis in Taipei City, Taiwan

Background: Few studies have investigated whether means accessibility is related to the spatial distribution of suicide. Aims: To examine the hypothesis that indicators of the accessibility to specific suicide methods were associated with method-specific suicide rates in Taipei City, Taiwan. Method: Smoothed standardized mortality ratios for method-specific suicide rates across 432 neighborhoods and their associations with means accessibility indicators were estimated using […]

Perceptions towards charcoal-burning suicide and the surge of this lethal method in Taiwan

Objective: Whether sociocultural perceptions of charcoal-burning suicide have influenced its rapid increase in prevalence is unclear. We aimed to explore perceptions of Taiwan’s general population regarding charcoal-burning suicide, their personal belief in life after death, and related feelings of thoughts associated with those who attempt charcoal-burning suicide. Methods: An online web-based survey, focussing on sociocultural attitudes towards […]

Suicidality among gay and bisexual men in Taiwan: Its relationship with sexuality and gender role characteristics, homophobic bullying victimization, and social support

This study aimed to examine the associations of suicidality in emerging adulthood with time of coming out, gender role nonconformity, sexual orientation, traditional and cyber homophobic bullying victimization, and family and peer support during childhood in gay and bisexual men in Taiwan. The frequency of “experiencing suicide ideation” and “attempting suicide” in the past year […]

Interpersonal-psychological theory, alexithymia, and personality predict suicide ideation among maladjusted soldiers in Taiwan.

This case–control study enrolled 226 maladjusted soldiers and 229 controls to investigate the impact of the interpersonal–psychological theory of suicide, alexithymia, personality, and childhood trauma on suicide risk among Taiwanese soldiers. Assessments included the Toronto Alexithymia Scale, Eysenck Personality Inventory, Mini-International Neuropsychiatric Interview, and Brief Symptom Rating Scale. In addition to thwarted belongingness and perceived […]

Is case management effective for long-lasting suicide prevention? A community cohort study in Northern Taiwan.

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Internet use and web communication networks, sources of social support, and forms of suicidal and nonsuicidal self-injury among adolescents: Different patterns between genders.


The association of trends in charcoal-burning suicide with Google search and newspaper reporting in Taiwan: A time series analysis.


Analysis of the barriers of mental distress disclosure in medical inpatients in Taiwan.

Disclosure of mental distress to physicians is important for mental illness identification, early referrals and proper treatment to prevent suicide. Little is known about what affects mental health communication in the clinical settings in the Chinese societies. We interviewed a series of consecutive inpatients from two medical wards of a general hospital in northern Taiwan. […]

Child sexual abuse and its relationship with health risk behaviors among adolescents and young adults in Taipei.

This study explores the association of child sexual abuse (CSA) with subsequent health risk behaviors among a cross-section of 4354 adolescents and young adults surveyed in urban and rural Taipei. Descriptive analysis and logistic regressions were employed. The overall proportion of CSA was 5.15%, with more females (6.14%) than males (4.16%) likely to experience CSA. […]

The associations between suicidal ideation and attempt and anxiety symptoms and the demographic, psychological, and social moderators in Taiwanese adolescents.

The objectives of this study were to examine the associations between suicidal ideation and attempt and anxiety symptoms and the moderators in 5,027 Taiwanese adolescents. Adolescents who had anxiety symptoms were more likely to have suicidal ideation and attempt than those who did not have anxiety symptoms. Bullying victimization had a moderating effect on the […]

Towards a reassessment of the role of divorce in suicide outcomes: evidence from five pacific rim populations.


The prevalence of and psychosocial risks for suicide attempts in male and female college students in Taiwan.

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Suicide sex ratios after the inception of charcoal-burning suicide in Taiwan and Hong Kong.

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Suicide method runs in families: A birth certificate cohort study of adolescent suicide in Taiwan.


The impact of pesticide suicide on the geographic distribution of suicide in Taiwan: A spatial analysis.


The Foxconn suicides and their media prominence: Is the Werther Effect applicable in China?