Evidence-based practice in suicidology: A source book.

Suicide rates have increased by 60 per cent worldwide in the past 45 years, with deaths by suicide projected to reach 1.5 million by the year 2020. Despite millions being spent on suicide prevention activities, little is known about their effectiveness: as the US Suicide Prevention Action Network (SPAN) reported, ‘the single greatest obstacle to […]

Tracking a movement: U.S. milestones in suicide prevention.

Suicidology and suicide prevention are relatively new fields of study in the United States, but they have made significant progress since their beginnings. This study aimed to identify the most impactful theories in the history of science and suicidology and the most impactful events in the suicide prevention movement. These theories and events were identified […]

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: Enhancing mental health care for suicidal individuals and other people in crisis.

Linking at-risk callers to ongoing mental health care is a key goal of crisis hotline interventions that has not often been addressed in evaluations of hotlinesÕ effectiveness. We conducted telephone interviews with 376 suicidal and 278 nonsuicidal crisis callers to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (Lifeline) to assess rates of mental health care utilization following […]

Suicide Prevention Centres in Canada Reduce the Suicide Rate

In this brief article, the author reviews results of studies on the effectiveness of suicide prevention centres in reducing rates of suicide. (8 refs.)

A Re-Examination of the Suicide Rates in Taiwan


Innovative Approaches in Asia to Identifying Those at Risk for Suicide(IN: Suicide and Suicide Prevention in Asia, ed. by H Hendin)


Effect of a Suicide Prevention Centre for Young People With Suicidal Behaviour in Copenhagen

In 1992, a suicide prevention centre was opened in Copenhagen with a 2-week programme of social & psychological treatment. This study evaluated the effect of the centre. In a quasi-experimental study, 362 patients in the centre & a parallel comparison group of 39 patients were interviewed. All patients were invited to follow-up interviews. At the […]

Development of a Suicide Prevention Centre From a State Hospital Base

This presentation explained the development of a suicide prevention centre in a state hospital in 1973. The selection process & training provided for staff & volunteers before they started to provide telephone services were described. The organizational & clinical problems that confronted the program were discussed. Other issues that were examined included the strengths & […]

Development of Suicide Prevention and Crisis Intervention in a County of Austria

This presentation described the development of a suicide prevention & crisis intervention centre in an Austrian county. Much of the work involves public relations as there is stigma towards social psychiatry in the local population.

Should Suicide Prevention Programs Target Individuals or Society as a Whole?

The issue of whether it is more useful to focus on societal interventions to prevent suicide or individual-centered approaches is discussed. The advantages & drawbacks of each approach are explored. (11 refs.)

Control-Group Study of an Intervention Training Program for Youth Suicide Prevention


Directory of Suicide Prevention Facilities, June 1967

How far Should we go to Ensure Treatment Compliance With Suicidal Clients?

Published in “The Suicidal Process: Challenges for Treatment and Prevention”

Service Agreements for Cases of Crisis and Suicide

A Study of Pesticide-Related Suicide


Briefing: Suicide Prevention

Neighborhood Service Organization Emergency Telephone Service/Suicide Prevention Center’s Mobile Crisis Response Team

Published in “Back to the Future: Refocusing the Image of Suicide,” ed. by J L McIntosh

SNEHA-Working With Suicide (IN: Meeting the Mental Health Needs of Developing Countries: NGO Innovations in India, ed. by V Patel and R Thara)


Suicide (IN: Encyclopedia of Death, ed. by R Kastenbaum and B Kastenbaum)

This encyclopedia entry discusses the history of self-killing & of the use of the term “suicide” to understand this type of behavior. Historical attitudes towards suicide, biblical suicide, & mass suicide are among the topics discussed. The statistical & sociological study of suicide originating in the late nineteenth century is explored, & key thinkers in […]

The Impact of Suicide Prevention Centers on the Suicide Rate in the Canadian Provinces

For the original study by Leenaars & Lester, please see SIEC #1995-0128

Evaluation of a Suicide Prevention Clinic

Published in “Suicide Risk & Protective Factors in the New Millennium,” ed. by O T Grad

Fatal Obstructions: the end of a Suicide Prevention Centre?

Published in “Suicide Risk & Protective Factors in the New Millennium,” ed. by O T Grad

A Review of Suicide Prevention Centers in the United States

This article compares & contrasts the handful of suicide prevention centres that existed in the United States at the time of its publication. Goals, practices, & other features of the organizations are discussed.