Media representation of gender patterns of suicide in Taiwan

Background: Extensive media reporting of suicide events has been indicated as a contributing factor to the upsurge in suicide rates in Taiwan in the past decade. Aims: The study compares gender differences in sociodemographic profiles and method of suicide selectively reported in the newspapers and all suicide cases registered in official death records. It also identifies gender differences […]

An attempted “suicide pact” in Covid‑19 era: Psychiatric perspectives

Background A “suicide pact” is a joint and actively induced death of two individuals with the essential and unavoidable characteristic of a mutual consent. One of the partners (dominant in the relationship, commonly male) usually induces the action and in most cases, it is the one who actively carries it out. Undiagnosed psychopathological dimension or […]

A comparative analysis of solitary suicides, suicides following homicide, and suicide pacts using the National Violent Death Reporting System

Background Incidents of suicide can be categorized into three main types: solitary suicides, suicides following homicide, and suicide pacts. Although these three suicide incidents vary by definition, no studies to-date have simultaneously examined and compared them for potential differences. The objective of the current study was to empirically and descriptively compare solitary suicides, suicides following […]

Mother and son suicide pact due to COVID-19-related online learning issues in Bangladesh: An unusual case report

On 11 June 2020, a private university student (aged 22 years) and his mother (aged 47 years) from Bogra, Bangladesh, committed suicide together by ingesting poisonous gas tablets in a forest close to where they both lived (The Daily Campus 2020). The day before the suicides, the student’s father insisted that his son complete online tests because he […]

Analysis of internet suicide pacts reported by the media in mainland China.

Background: In mainland China, frequent Internet suicide pacts in recent years have raised strong concerns from several social sectors and the influence of social networks on suicide is constantly growing. Aims: To identify the epidemiological characteristics of media-reported Internet suicide pacts in mainland China. Method: Our study comprised 62 Internet suicide pacts involving 159 victims […]

Suicide pacts: Six cases and literature review.

A suicide pact is the decision of two or more people to die together. This event is rare. The majority of suicide pacts victims are married, socially isolated, with a serious physical illness in one or both partners. An objective element, such as a suicide note and motive, is required to prove that a suicide […]

Dying together: suicide pacts and other episodes of paired suicides in Yorkshire and the Humber.

This article discusses the paired suicide using a number of case studies drawn from a sample of cases of paired suicides in Yorkshire and the Humber. Worldwide, suicide is the tenth leading cause of death; 1.5 per cent of all deaths are the result of suicide, a rate of 14.5:100,000 individuals per year ( Windfuhr […]

Seeking to escape the suffering of existence: Internet suicide in Japan.


Coincident Deaths: Double Suicide or Murder-Suicide?

A retrospective review was undertaken in South Australia over an 11-year period, 1996-2007, of all multiple, unnatural deaths in adults looking for cases of double suicide & murder-suicide. 7 cases of double suicide involving 14 individuals (9 males, 5 females) & 8 murder-suicides involving 16 individuals (9 males, 7 females)were identified. While differentiating between the […]

Double Suicide Attempt


Too Lonely to die Alone: Internet Suicide Pacts and Existential Suffering in Japan

The author begins this study by examining the recent rise in suicide in Japan & the most common public explanations given for this. Cases of Internet suicide pacts are then examined, placing them within the context of suicide in Japan in general, & providing a representative selection of ethnographic findings from Japanese suicide-related websites. Findings […]

Family and Group Suicide in Japan: Cultural Analysis


Dying Together: a Report of two-Suicide Pacts and an Overview of the Phenomenon


An Integrative Suicide Prevention Program for Visitor Charcoal Burning Suicide and Suicide Pact


Suicide Pact Among Three Young Sisters


Use of Army Weapons and Private Firearms for Suicide and Homicide in the Region of Basel, Switzerland

Records of suicides in the region of Basel between 1992-1996 were reviewed. Suicides with either army weapons or private firearms & suicides by other means were compared. Homicides were also analyzed. Firearms suicides were clearly the most frequent means of suicide & were also used in 30% of domestic homicides, although other means were used […]

The Sexual Politics of Double Suicide


Ethical, Legal, and Practical Issues in the Control and Regulation of Suicide Promotion and Assistance Over the Internet


Internet Suicide in Japan: Implications for Child and Adolescent Mental Health


Charcoal-Burning Suicides and Strategies for Prevention

This paper examines the emergence of a new method of suicide in Hong Kong by carbon monoxide poisoning generated by the burning of charcoal. In just 6 years, it has become the second most common means of suicide after jumping from heights. The profile of these charcoal-burning suicide victims is different from that of other […]

Loss by Suicide: a Risk Factor for Suicidal Behavior


Love-pact Suicide


Family Murder Suicides in Kerala