Basic Needs, Mental Health, and Women’s Health Among Internally Displaced Persons in Nyala District, South Darfur, Sudan

This study assessed the basic needs, women’s health, & mental health needs among women in refugee camps in South Darfur, Sudan. 1293 female household heads were interviewed in January 2005. With regard to mental health, nearly a third of respondents (390/1253) met criteria for major depressive disorder & 63% reported symptoms of depression. Over the […]

Attitudes Towards Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide Among Sudanese Doctors

An anonymous questionnaire was used to survey the attitudes of 382 doctors towards euthanasia & assisted suicide at Khartoum’s 2 main hospitals. Of the 382, 248 (65%) responded. Demographic characteristics of respondents are reviewed. The vast majority (85%) of respondents were found to be strongly opposed to the practices, while 15% thought they should be […]

Suicide in Sudan


Suicidal Ideation in Sudanese Women

A literature review indicated that suicidal behaviour in Sudan was very infrequent. However, an assessment of suicidal ideation in 2 groups of Sudanese women demonstrated high levels, particularly in women in a displaced-persons area. The establishment of a Befrienders International volunteer service allowed anecdotal evidence of substantial suicidal behaviour to be collated. Findings highlight the […]

Suicide in Sudan

This letter to the editor reports on a study of 100 cases of attempted & completed suicide in Khartoum province, Sudan during June 1971-May 1975. There were 90 attempts, 50 by women, & 10 completions. Most attempts & completions occurred among people in the 10-29 age group & nearly half were married. 92 were Moslems. […]

Suicide in the Northern Sudan

This letter to the editor discusses suicide in the Northern Sudan. The incidence of suicide is much lower than in the western world. Reasons for this are reviewed & include: the strength of family ties, strong social structures & the influence of Islam which expressly prohibits suicide. The epidemiology of suicide in Sudan is presented. […]

Face to Face: Annual Report 1997-98

Contents include: a review of the efforts of Befrienders International from Apr. 1997 – Mar. 1998, future priorities, trustees report for the year ending 31 Mar. 1998, and the Auditor’s report for the year ending 31 Mar. 1998.