The moderating role of stress response on the relationship between subjective sleep quality and suicide ideation in adolescence

Objective Problems sleeping and stress are known to contribute to the development of suicide ideation. However, it is unclear how these risk factors interact longitudinally. The purpose of this study was to determine the impact of problems sleeping on the development of suicide ideation in adolescence one year later and how the relationship changes with […]

Blunted arousal in response to psychological stress is associated with current suicide ideation

The purpose of this study was to test the association between arousal in response to psychological stress, as measured by standardized maximum decrease in high-frequency heart rate variability (HF HRV) during a stressful laboratory task, and current suicide ideation (SI). 81 emerging adult college students completed a stressful laboratory task consisting of the computerized Stroop […]

Psychological factors of vulnerability to suicide ideation: Attachment styles, coping strategies, and dysfunctional attitudes

BACKGROUND: Suicide ideation is one of the common mental health problems among university students. This study aimed to explain suicide ideation susceptibility by examining the relationships between psychological factors. METHODOLOGY: The population of the study included all female undergraduate students at the University of Isfahan in autumn 2018. A sample of 180 individuals were selected through multistage […]

Perceived stress and intent to die in young soldiers who attempt suicide

Background: Intent to die is an important component of suicide risk assessment. The authors compared the predictive effect of two forms of stress – military and perceived – in intent to die by suicide among young adult Israeli soldiers with a history of suicide attempts. Depression, suicide ideation, and habituation/acquired capacity for suicidality served as covariates. […]

The moderating role of distress tolerance in the relationship between posttraumatic stress disorder symptom clusters and suicidal behavior among trauma exposed substance users in residential treatment.