Predictors of suicide and suicide attempt in subway stations: A population-based ecological study


Ecstasy use and suicidal behavior among adolescents: Findings from a national survey.


Hispanic Female Adolescents’ use of Illicit Drugs and the Risk of Suicidal Thoughts

The association between female adolescents in high school who use illicit drugs & seriously consider attempting suicide was examined. Data were analyzed from the 2003 Youth Risk Behavioral Surveillance System. Variables for suicidal thoughts, illicit drugs, & covariables were chosen to explore the association. Seriously considering attempting suicide was associated with Hispanics, suburban youth, use […]

Attempted Suicide, Self-Harm, and Violent Victimization Among Regular Illicit Drug Users

Relationships among attempted suicide, nonsuicidal self-harm, & physical assault were examined in 400 regular users of heroin &/or psychostimulants. 28% had episodes of nonsuicidal self-harm, 32% had attempted suicide, & 95% had been violently assaulted. The number of suicide attempts & nonsuicidal self-harm incidents were correlated. There were also significant correlations between the number of […]

Suicidal attempts among individuals seeking treatment for substance abuse dependency


Cannabis use and Deliberate Self-Harm in Adolescence: a Comparative Analysis of Associations in England and Norway

This study tested hypotheses on causality & selection regarding associations between cannabis use & deliberate self-harm among adolescents. School surveys were conducted among 9,800 adolescents in England & Norway applying identical measures on deliberate self-harm, suicidal thoughts, cannabis use, & various potential confounders. Cannabis use was more prevalent in England than Norway. It was associated […]

Post-Prison Mortality: Unnatural Death Among People Released From Victorian Prisons Between January 1990 and December 1999

The extent & nature of unnatural death among people released from Victorian prisons between January 1990-December 1999 were examined. A total of 820 men & women were identified as having died unnatural deaths while not imprisoned prior to July 2000. The unnatural death rate of ex-prisoners was 10 times that found in the general Victorian […]

Mortality and Cause of Death Among 1705 Illicit Drug Users: a 37 Year Follow Up

The overall mortality & causes of death were examined in a large cohort of users of illicit drugs in Stockholm over 37 years. 860 of 1705 identified substance abusers died at an average age of 47 yers, 25-30 years younger than the general population. The standardised rate ratio for mortality was 3.3 among men & […]

Suicide Attempts Within 12 Months of Treatment for Substance use Disorders

In an analysis of the Drug Abuse Treatment Outcomes Study, a longitudinal naturalistic multisite study of treated substance use disorders, variables associated with suicide attempts in the 12 months following were examined. Participants included 2,966 patients with one or more substance use disorders. By 12 months, 77 patients had attempted suicide. After controlling for baseline […]

Cricketers and Mental Health Concerns

This paper examined cricket history in order to illustrate some of the mental health issues present in Australia over the years. Mood disorders, suicide, & drug & alcohol issues are among the problems that have beset top level cricketers. A range of factors have contributed to the psychiatric problems in this population. Educating players may […]

Age-Period-Cohort Analysis of Suicide Rates in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 1979-1998

This study investigated suicide trends, 1979-1998, in Rio de Janiero State with emphasis on age, period, & cohort effects. Poisson regression & graphical methods were used to evaluate these effects. Suicide rates increased steadily with age, particularly among males. In both males & females, age-adjusted rates decreased until 1992 & started to increase in 1993. […]

Risk Factors for Attempting Suicide in Heroin Addicts

In order to examine risk factors for attempting suicide in heroin dependent patients, a group of 527 abstinent opiate dependent patients had a psychiatric interview & completed the Childhood Trauma Questionnaire. Patients who had or had never attempted suicide were compared on putative suicide risk factors. It was found that 207 of the 527 had […]

Cannabis and Suicide: Longitudinal Study

This study examined the association between cannabis use & suicide. A longitudinal study investigated 50,087 men conscripted for Swedish military service, with cannabis use measured non-anonymously at conscription. Suicides during 33 years of follow-up were identified by linkage with the National Cause of Death Register. There were 600 suicides or deaths from undeteremined causes. Cannabis […]

Attempted Suicide Among Injecting and Noninjecting Cocaine Users in Sydney, Australia

A sample of 183 current cocaine users, were administered a structured interview to ascertain attempted suicide histories, methods used, & factors associated with suicide attempts. Of the sample, 31% had attempted suicide, 18% had done so on more than one occasion, & 8% had made an attempt in the preceding 12 months. Overall, 28% of […]

Recent Suicidal Ideation Among Patients in an Inner City Emergency Department

The rates & associated features of suicide ideation among 5,641 patients seeking routine, nonsuicide-related care in a Flint, Michigan emergency department were examined. Approximately 8% of patients seeking routine care in the emergency department reported some form of suicide ideation within the past 2 weeks. Suicide ideation was common in individuals who were single with […]

National Forum on Drug-Related Deaths in Scotland: Annual Report 2007

This report summarizes the findings of the 2007 national forum on drug-related deaths in Scotland. Approximately 23% of all drug-related deaths in Scotland are intentional self-poisoning or of undetermined intent. It is recommended: suicide prevention be incorporated as part of the strategy to reduce drug-related harm; actions to prevent suicide include prioritizing training for front-line […]

Suicide Attempts Among Individuals With Opiate Dependence: the Critical Role of Belonging


Early Initiation of Substance use and Subsequent Risk Factors Related to Suicide Among Urban High School Students


The Cedar Project: Correlates of Attempted Suicide Among Young Aboriginal People who use Injection and non-Injection Drugs in two Canadian Cities


Characteristics of Cocaine Dependent Patients who Attempt Suicide


Fatal Poisonings in New Jersey, 2003


Suicidal Ideation Induced by Episodic Cannabis use

This report describes a patient who presented with suicide ideation on two occasions, both immediately after acute cannabis intoxication. This case presents two original clinical aspects: first, the use of cannabis induced suicide ideation abruptly, & secondly, suicide ideation appeared independently of mood depression, stressors, or life events, suggesting suicidality may not be a direct […]

Suicidal Ideation Among African-American Non-Injection Drug Users

This study explored correlates of suicide ideation among African Americans in a community-based cohort in Baltimore, Maryland. Participants had begun to use heroin, crack, or cocaine by means other than injection in the prior 10 years. An interview-administered questionnaire was used. Multiple logistic regression was used to identify factors independently associated with suicide ideation. The […]