From psychological strain to disconnectedness: A two-factor model theory of suicide

This editorial asserts that neither Durkheim’s social integration theory nor Joiner’s interpersonal theory explains the cause of suicide. Instead, the theories illustrate the facilitations of suicide or of the immune system against suicide. The theories might account for the conditions that are sufficient for suicide, but we still need to find the condition that is […]

Towards higher psychometric properties: Testing the psychological strain scales with larger samples

This study aimed to further test the psychometric properties of the Psychological Strain Scales (PSS) with larger samples. A cluster sampling method was employed to recruit 13,250 college students from seven provinces in China. Descriptive statistics, item statistics, Cronbach’s alpha, factor analysis, and correlation analysis were evaluated. Cronbach’s alpha coefficient was 0.958 and Guttman’s split-half […]

Examining the mediating effects of negative emotions on the link between multiple strains and suicidal ideation: A longitudinal analysis

Research suggests that various strains contribute to suicidal ideation, and the source of strain often indirectly affects suicidal ideation through negative affective states. The current study examines if the mediating effects of negative emotions from multiple strains is non-0, and the extent to which negative emotions transmis the effect of multiple strains on suicidal ideation. […]

Testing the strain theory of suicide: The moderating role of social suppport

Abstract. Background: According to the strain theory of suicide, strains, resulting from conflicting and competing pressures in an individual’s life, are hypothesized to precede suicide. But social support is an important factor that can mitigate strains and lessen their input in suicidal behavior. Aims: This study was designed to assess the moderating role of social support in the relation […]

Psychological Tensions Found in Suicide Notes: a Test for the Strain Theory of Suicide

This research has content-analyzed 40 suicide notes (20 by those who died by suicide & 20 by suicide attempters) & found strong support for the strain theory of suicide. Although little difference is found in the number & pattern of strains between the completers & attempters, both groups have many aspirations & coping strains & […]