Narratives and story telling in coping with grief and bereavement

My daughter was a normal, healthy young lady, looking forward to becoming a teenager. Then, a strange sensation appeared in the muscle of her upper arm and everything changed! She waged the toughest battle of her life, but died of cancer in the middle of her thirteenth year. How does a mother cope with so […]

Storytelling of suicide attempt recovery and its relationship with mental health treatment-seeking attitudes and behaviors: An experimental study

Objective: This experimental study investigated if watching a brief video detailing an individual’s recovery following a suicide attempt increased college student mental health treatment-seeking attitudes and resource engagement more than viewing a psychoeducational video about suicide. Participants: Undergraduate student participants (N = 218) completed the study online. Methods: Participants were randomized to see either the storytelling or one of two narrated psychoeducation […]

Ethical and political implications of the turn to stories in suicide prevention

THE stories of suicide attempt survivors are gaining broader currency in suicide prevention where they have the potential to provide privileged insights into experiences of suicide, strengthen prevention and intervention measures, and reduce discrimination and stigmatization. Stories of suicide, however, have a double-edged power insofar as their benefits are counterweighted by a number of acknowledged […]

Why an alternative to suicide prevention gatekeeper training is needed for rural Indigenous communities: Presenting an empowering community storytelling approach

The need for effective youth suicide prevention is uncontested, and is particularly urgent for Indigenous populations. The Indigenous youth suicide rates in some North American communities can be 18 times greater than for other young people. Despite the clear need, evidence in support of Indigenous youth suicide prevention strategies remain mixed. The most common approach […]

Grandmother’s stories: how the earth and sky began.


Stories Moshum & Kokum told me.