Lipophilic statin use and suicidal ideation in a sample of adults with mood disorders

Background: Mood disorders are associated with a high risk of suicide. Statin therapy has been implicated in this relationship. Aims: To further clarify reported associations between suicide and cholesterol in mental health conditions, we conducted an analysis of dietary, clinical, and suicidal ideation measures in community-living adults with mood disorders. Method: Data were used from a cross-sectional study […]

Associations between statin use and suicidality, depression, anxiety, and seizures: A Swedish total-population cohort study

Background Statins have shown both protective and adverse associations with neuropsychiatric outcomes. We aimed to examine the possible associations between statins and suicidality, depression, anxiety, and seizures. Methods Using Swedish national registers, we linked data on dispensed statin prescriptions with data on unplanned (emergency) hospital visits or specialised outpatient care for four neuropsychiatric outcomes: suicidal […]