The state of state, territorial, and tribal suicide prevention: Findings from reviews of suicide prevention plans

Suicide has no single cause. Reducing suicide requires a comprehensive approach that starts with data to understand the extent of the problem, who is impacted, and what increases or decreases risk. Additionally, this comprehensive approach includes implementing and evaluating multiple prevention strategies with the best available evidence.

Western Australian Suicide Prevention Action Plan 2021 – 2025: Consultative draft October 2019

Everyone has a role in suicide prevention. Reducing the rate and impact of suicide in our communities requires a whole-of-population commitment; it is not something any single agency, level of government or community can do alone. The impact of suicide is far-reaching and long-lasting; it has a devastating effect on families, friends and services which […]

Gold Coast Mental Health Suicide Prevention Strategy 2016-2018: Journey to zero through leadership, support and continuous improvement

The Gold Coast Mental Health and Specialist Service is committed to reducing Suicide of consumers in our care. This commitment has seen the development and endorsement of a new approach to suicide prevention across the service. Built on previous achievements the Gold Coast Suicide Prevention Strategy 2016 -2018 takes a step further and commits to reducing […]

Tasmania’s Suicide Prevention Strategy 2010-2014. A Summary and Government Response

This document provides a summary of the Tasmanian suicide prevention strategy, 2010-2014. It is a guiding document which gives an overview of the budget & policy directions for suicide prevention for 2010-2011. Progress against priorities will be detailed in an annual report. 5 key action area are briefly outlined: governance & leadership, primary prevention, secondary […]

Tasmania’s Suicide Prevention Strategy 2010-2014. A Strategic Framework and Action Plan


Mending the net: suicide prevention in Alaska

Annual report of state of Alaska’s Statewide Suicide Prevention Council.

Preventing Suicide in Colorado: Progress Achieved & Goals for the Future

This report details the evolution & progress of suicide prevention in Colorado. Although the state’s average annual suicide rate has declined 6.5% since 1998, it still is significantly above the national average. Together with information about progress achieved, the report provides a set of strategic goals & objectives informed by experts & community stakeholders. These […]

Managing the Risk of Suicide: a Suicide Prevention Strategy for the ACT 2009-2014

This strategy builds on the work & learning of its predecessor & provides a collaborative & co-operative whole of community approach to suicide prevention. The documents begins by providing an outline of the incidence of suicide & a summary of the evaluation of the 2005-2008 strategy. The next section provides the framework for the current […]

Washington State’s Plan for Youth Suicide Prevention


NSW Suicide Prevention Strategy 2010-2015: a Whole of Government Strategy Promoting a Whole of Community Approach

This report sets out the New South Wales Government’s direction & intended outcomes for suicide prevention for 2010-2015. It is built upon the first state suicide prevention strategy & is aligned with the national suicide prevention framework. The strategic directions included in this strategy are: improving the evidence base & understanding of suicide prevention; building […]

NSW Suicide Prevention Strategy Implementation Plan 2010-2015: Whole of Government Approach

This document outlines how the strategic directions of the 2010-2015 New South Wales suicide prevention strategy will be accomplished. The objectives, actions, activities, timeframe, & lead agency for each of the 6 strategic directions are detailed.

Development of Tasmania’s Suicide Prevention Strategy, 2010: Literature Review


Victorian Aboriginal Suicide Prevention and Response Action Plan 2010-2015

This action plan is the Victorian government’s strategy to prevent & reduce the incidence & impact of Aboriginal suicide & self-harm. It sets out current priorities & identifies strategies for further action in 4 priority areas: prevention through building resilience; improving access to care & support for those at risk; improving the response to crisis […]

The South Carolina Suicide Prevention Plan


2008 Suicide Prevention Report


2005-2007 Suicide Prevention Report

Northern Territory Suicide Prevention Action Plan 2009-2011


Washington State Youth Suicide Prevention Program. Summary of Activities 1997-1999


Montana Strategic Suicide Prevention Plan

In the spring of 2000, the Montana Department of Public Health & Human Services began the development of a state-wide plan for suicide prevention. This plan was updated in the spring of 2005 & again in the summer of 2008. This document outlines accomplishments & ongoing challenges. Strategic directions for prevention, intervention, postvention, & coordination […]

Delaware’s Suicide Prevention Initiative: Working on Brighter Futures

This document outlines the actions that will be taken to achieve the three goals of Delaware’s suicide prevention plan: to prevent suicidal behaviours by enhancing resiliency, increasing awareness, & promoting the education of Delaware residents about suicide risk & protective factors; to improve the support of individuals, families, & communities affected by suicide or suicidal […]

Maine Youth Suicide Prevention Program Plan

This document is the Maine state strategy for youth suicide prevention. The long-term goal is to reduce the incidence of fatal & non-fatal suicidal behaviour among Maine youth, age 10-24. The strategy has 10 goals that are aligned with those of the American national suicide prevention strategy & include: increasing public/private partnerships; increasing public awareness; […]

California Strategic Plan on Suicide Prevention: Every Californian is Part of the Solution. Executive Summary

This document provides an executive summary of the California strategic plan for suicide prevention. Epidemiology, risk factors, the availability of means, & the economic costs of suicide attempts & deaths are all briefly discussed. Strategies for prevention are outlined & the four strategic directions guiding the plan are described, including recommended actions at local & […]

Western Australian Suicide Prevention Strategy 2009-2013: Everybody’s Business

This document outlines the Western Australian suicide prevention strategy; what it will do & how it will be implemented. Section 1 provides an overview of the strategy, its purpose & development. Section 2 presents international suicide data, suicide in Australia, & suicide in Western Australia. Section 3 gives a framework for prevention. Section 4 discusses […]