Association between concussions and suicidality in high school students in the United States

Objective: To examine whether sustaining a concussion remained a significant predictor of suicidality after controlling for relevant covariates (e.g., sexual abuse/assault, bullying, substance use, depression), hypothesizing that the relationship between concussion and suicidality would become non-significant after controlling for these variables. Design: This study involved secondary data analysis of the 2019 Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance (YRBS) System, […]

Association of team sports participation with long-term mental health outcomes among individuals exposed to adverse childhood experiences

Importance  Adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) are associated with long-term poor mental health. Less is known about factors that improve long-term mental health among those with ACEs. Objective  To evaluate, among those exposed to ACEs, whether team sports participation during adolescence is associated with better mental health in adulthood and whether the association between team sports participation and […]

The effects of significant international sports events on Hungarian suicide rates.

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All the way: My life on the ice.


The crazy game: How I survived the crease and beyond.


Conversations with a rattlesnake: Raw and honest reflections on healing and trauma

Fleury calls Barthel the ÒWayne Gretzky of therapyÓ and within their emotionally safe relationship he bares his soul so that others can learn from his mistakes, triumphs and new learnings. FleuryÕs story will inspire not only those overcoming their own trauma but friends, parents, teachers, coaches, therapists and health practitioners, anyone who is in the […]

Aborigines, sport and suicide.


Impact of the 1998 Football World Cup on suicide rates in France: results from the National Death Registry.

Our objective was to determine whether the FŽdŽration Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) World Cup in 1998 had a short-term impact on the number of suicides in France. Exhaustive individual daily data on suicides from 1979 to 2006 were obtained from the French epidemiological center on the medical causes of death (CepiDCÐINSERM; France). These data […]

Darkness and hope: depression, sports and me.

TSN Broadcaster and OFF THE RECORD host Michael Landsberg discusses depression in the context of the world of sports. The documentary features candid interviews with Olympian Clara Hughes, two-time Stanley Cup champion Ste“phane Richer, and four-time World Series winner Darryl Strawberry.

Depression and suicide in sportspeople.

The stigma of mental illness in sport has recently come to prominence following the tragic suicides of several high-profile sportspeople. Contact us for a copy of this article, or view online at

Exploring the etiology of perfectionism and perceptions of self-worth in young athletes.

This study assessed the main and interactive effects of perceived parental expectations and perceived parental criticism on 180 young talented athletes’ perfectionistic tendencies and level and reported fluctuation in self-esteem. Contact us for a copy of this article, or view online at

Differences in behavior,psychological factors, and environmental factors associated with participation in school sports and other activities in adolescence

This study examined whether participation in school team sports, exclusively or in combination with other extracurricular activities, is associated with higher levels of psychosocial functioning and healthy behavior than participation in other extracurricular activities alone or nonparticipation. The study sample includes 50,168 ninth grade public school students who completed an anonymous, voluntary statewide survey in […]

High school youth and suicide risk: exploring protection afforded through physical activity and sport participation


It’s a goal!: basing a community psychiatric nursing service in a local football stadium

This paper describes the development of a community mental health project in a local football stadium, the Moss Ross stadium in Macclesfield, England, UK. This 3-year project was designed in 2003 and was able to secure funding from the Laureus Foundation’s ‘Sport for Good’ initiative. The project provides mental health promotion and mental health awareness […]

Sports participation as a protective factor against depression and suicide ideation in adolescents as mediated by self-esteem and social support


Suicide in athletes: a review and commentary

Not only are athletes at risk for psychiatric illness, but they are at risk of suicide. In an effort to learn more about suicide in athletes and those connected to the sports arena, a review of the medical literature from 1960 to 2000 was conducted through Medline, and a review of the periodical literature from […]

Mental well-being and sport-related identities in college students

Past research has linked physical activity and sports participation with improved mental and social well-being, including reduced risk of depression and suicidality. In this study we examined relationships among several dimensions of athletic involvement (team sport participation, individual sport participation, athlete identity, and jock identity), gender, and depression and suicidal behavior in a sample of […]

It’s a Goal! Basing a CPN in a Football Stadium – the Half Time Score


Can Sports Events Affect Suicidal Behavior? A Review of the Literature and Implications for Prevention

This study reviews literature on the relationship between sports spectatorship & suicidal behaviour to ascertain whether sports spectatorship has an impact on suicidal behaviour, either increasing the risk or being a protective factor. PubMed/MEDLINE & PsycINFO searches were done & 9 studies, published between 1986-2006, were identified. Results indicate sports events can have an impact […]

The Relation Between Physical Activity and Mental Health Among Hispanic and Non-Hispanic White Adolescents

This study assessed the relation of physical activity with feelings of sadness & suicidal thoughts & behaviours among Hispanic & non-Hispanic white adolescents. 1870 Texas adolescents, ages 14-18, attending high school in Neuces County participated. More boys reported participating in physical activity than girls & more girls than boys reported feelings of sadness & considering […]

The Health and Socioeconomic Impacts of Major Multi-Sport Events: Systematic Review (1978-2008)

A literature review was done to assess the effects of major multi-sport events on health & socioeconomic determinants of health in the population of the city hosting the event. 54 studies were included. Study quality was poor. 5 studies, each with a high risk of bias, reported health-related outcomes: suicide, paediatric health service demand, presentations […]

Suicide Risk is Real for Student-Athletes

This article discusses mental health difficulties & suicide risk among student athletes & notes how the culture of athletics may prevent some individuals from seeking help. Warning signs of suicide & prevention strategies that athletic departments can implement to help at-risk students are reviewed.

Physical Activity, Sport Participation, and Suicidal Behavior: U.S. High School Students

The associations of physical activity & sports team participation with suicidal behaviour among American high school students were evaluated. Data were from the 2003 Youth Risk Behavior Survey. Compared with inactive students or sports team nonparticipants, the odds of suicide ideation were lower among boys reporting frequent vigorous-intensity physical activity & sports team participation. The […]