Religious/spiritual struggles and suicide ideation among adult psychiatric outpatients: A 12-month longitudinal study

Background Initial empirical evidence links religious/spiritual (R/S) struggles to suicide ideation. However, few longitudinal studies have examined the temporal associations of R/S struggles and suicide ideation, and none have focused on treatment-seeking individuals. This study addresses these gaps. Methods We assessed suicide ideation and six subtypes of R/S struggles in a sample of adult psychiatric […]

Gender differences related to spirituality, coping skills and risk factors of suicide attempt: A cross-sectional study of French adolescent inpatients

Background: Suicide attempts in adolescence represent a major public health concern, since these behaviors are associated with psychosocial burden and an increased risk of suicide. This cross-sectional study aimed to explore possible gender differences related to protective and risk factors in adolescents who have attempted suicide. Methods: Participants were French adolescents hospitalized for attempt suicide in five […]

Religion and spirituality in online suicide bereavement: An analysis of online memorials

Background: Religion and spirituality can be valuable resources in coping with bereavement. There is a paucity of studies focusing specifically on their role in suicide bereavement, although there are indications that religion/spirituality can be helpful for suicide survivors. Aims: The study explores the role of religion and/or spirituality in suicide bereavement by analyzing this theme in online memorials […]

The clinical utility of spirituality and religion in meaning-making theory for suicide loss survivors: A scoping review

In the case of violent/traumatic loss due to a completed suicide, there can be an overwhelming and complicated grief reaction followed by a spiritual need for the process of sense making and finding meaning. Some emerging literature on suicide loss survivors (SLSs) denotes that suicide loss is more similar to other forms of bereavement but […]

The importance of timing, fundamental attitudes, and appropriate interventions as key aspects of chaplain suicide prevention: A European expert panel of mental health chaplains

An expert panel consisting of six mental health chaplains from several European countries was convened to ascertain the specific contribution of mental health chaplains to suicide prevention, and to generate good practices for suicide prevention. Three themes emerged: (1) the importance of timing; (2) fundamental attitudes of the chaplain towards the patient, and (3) appropriate […]

God bless you? The association of religion and spirituality with reduction of suicide ideation and length of hospital stay among psychiatric patients at risk for suicide

Objective Religion and spirituality (R&S) were protective against suicidal behavior in the majority of studies. In prospective studies, R&S were associated with improved outcome for patients with depression, a main risk factor for suicide. Thus, R&S may also improve recovery from suicidal crisis, but related data is lacking. Method We explored how aspects of R&S […]

Spirituality and loss: Approaches for counseling grieving adolescents

The death of a loved one has serious implications for adolescent growth and development. The authors review relevant research on the grief process and spirituality in adolescence, and they give a rationale for integrating spirituality into adolescent grief work. By way of a case illustration, they draw implications for counselors’ use of spirituality in addressing […]

Exploring Métis health, spirituality and well-being: a patient-oriented community-based qualitative study with the Métis Nation of Alberta – Region 3

Background: There is a lack of Métis-guided participatory research on factors that contribute to individual, family and community well-being, such as developing social support and engaging in cultural, social and historical processes for healing and health. The purpose of this study was to explore links among health, spirituality and well-being within the Métis Nation of Alberta […]

Connected in creation: A collection of lived experience through cultural expression

Connected in Creation is a wide-ranging anthology of poetry, fiction, and creative non-fiction written by fifteen First Nations and Métis staff at Toronto’s Centre for Addiction and Mental Health. With powerful clarity and an abundance of wisdom, these writers speak of the hurt and losses of colonization, along with the hope, resilience, and fierce resistance […]

Influence of spiritual dimensions on suicide risk: The role of regional differences

The field of suicide prevention has been enriched by research on the association between spirituality and suicide. Many authors have suggested focusing on the various dimensions of religiosity in order to better understand the association between religion and suicidal risk, but it is unclear whether the relationship between spirituality and suicidality differs between countries with […]

Meditations with Native American Elders: The four seasons

Meditations with Native American Elders: The Four Seasons is a day-at-a-time book offering a quotation by a Native Elder at the top of each page in separate entries over an entire year. Each quote is followed by a reflection by author Don Coyhis, Mohican Nation. At the bottom of each page is a space for […]

What does it mean to be less depressed? Perceived impact of a spirituality informed e-mental health tool as an intervention for major depressive disorder in adolescents and young adults: A qualitative study

Background: Depression in adolescents and young adults is a major mental health condition that requires attention. It requires appropriate interventions given the potentially negative consequences related to interruption in the development process, interpersonal conflicts, academic underperformance, low self-esteem, and increased risk of suicide. The purpose of this qualitative inquiry was to supplement the pilot clinical […]

The gender-specific associations between religion/spirituality and suicide risk in a sample of Austrian psychiatric inpatients.

Most studies have found religion/spirituality to be protective against suicide risk, with a stronger effect among women. To understand this effect, theories of suicide and clinical samples are needed, but related studies are lacking. We applied two established suicide models in 753 psychiatric inpatients. Religion/spirituality correlated protectively with components of the suicide models, with stronger […]

Spirituality, religion, and suicidality among veterans: A qualitative study.

This qualitative study explores the relationship between veterans’ spirituality/religion and suicide ideation and attempts. Qualitative semi-structured interviews were conducted with 30 veterans who either endorsed chronic suicidal ideation or had made suicide attempt(s). Interviews explored the bi-directional relationship between spirituality/religion (e.g., beliefs, practices, and experiences), and suicide ideation and behaviors. Interviews were analyzed using thematic […]

Religion and suicide risk: A systematic review.

Although religion is reported to be protective against suicide, the empirical evidence is inconsistent. Research is complicated by the fact that there are many dimensions to religion (affiliation, participation, doctrine) and suicide (ideation, attempt, completion). We systematically reviewed the literature on religion and suicide over the last 10 years (89 articles) with a goal of […]

Spiritual beliefs and meaning-making within the context of suicide bereavement.

This qualitative study explored the salience of spirituality in the lives of suicidally-bereaved individuals. Eleven bereaved individuals and four mental health workers were interviewed in depth on their subjective experience of suicide bereavement and on their experience of working with suicide bereavement, respectively. The suicide of a loved one had a significant impact on their […]

Continuing bonds through after-death spiritual experiences in individuals bereaved by suicide.

Bereaved persons sometimes report after-death spiritual experiences with loved ones who have died, which may represent continuing bonds, though little research exists regarding this phenomenon among those bereaved by suicide. This study sought to examine the frequency and correlates of these experiences among survivors of suicide loss. A majority of respondents experienced continuing bonds through […]

Purpose in life and well-being: The relationship between purpose in life, hope, coping, and inward sensitivity among first-year university students.

The present study investigated the relationship between purpose in life, hope, coping, and spiritual sensitivity among a sample of 166 first year psychology students. Family support and hopefulness predicted strong purpose in life. Inward sensitivity, together with agency thinking as part of hopefulness, notably increased the predictive variance of strong purpose in life. Positive correlations […]

Allying with the medicine wheel: Social work practice with Aboriginal peoples.

This article uses a Medicine Wheel model, a structural social work framework and an anti-oppression stance, to practice culturally sensitive social work with Aboriginal peoples. The Medicine Wheel model is appropriate when working with many Aboriginal peoples because it considers spirituality important to healing. Using the Medicine Wheel guides the social worker to holistic, balanced […]

Clinical implications of spirituality to mental health: Review of evidence and practical guidelines.


Religiosity, mood symptoms, and quality of life in bipolar disorder.


A test of faith in God and treatment: The relationship of belief in God to psychiatric treatment outcomes.


Religion and spirituality in online suicide bereavement: An analysis of online memorials.

The study explores the role of religion and/or spirituality in suicide bereavement by analyzing this theme in online memorials dedicated to suicide victims. Some suicide survivors spontaneously mention the role of religious/spiritual beliefs in coping with their loss.