Depression and suicidal behavior in South Asia: A systematic review and meta-analysis

Background: Estimates of depression in suicidal behavior in South Asia would help to formulate suicide prevention strategies in the region that hasn’t been assessed yet. Objectives: We aimed to systematically assess the prevalence of depression in fatal and non-fatal attempts of suicide in eight South Asian countries. Methods: We searched Medline, Embase, and PsychINFO by […]

Suicide among South Asians in the United States: Perspectives, causes, and implications for prevention and treatment

Suicide and suicide related behaviors have been a global phenomenon. Suicide is a major social problem with more than one million deaths and 25 million attempted suicides and 140 million who reported ideation. Specifically in the US, it is the tenth leading cause of death with a staggering 47,173 Americans who committed suicide and 1,400,000 […]

Psychological autopsy studies of suicide in South East Asia

Background: Psychiatric disorders have been identified as an important risk factor for suicide. However, different psychological autopsy studies have revealed different prevalences at different times and places. Objective: We aimed to see the distribution of psychological autopsy studies and the prevalence of mental disorders among suicides and identify major risk factors in Southeast Asian countries. […]

A review study of factors influencing suicide among South Asians in the UK

Purpose of the study: A systematic review of studies on factors in the suicide of South Asians in the UK was reviewed to enhance understanding by aggregating those factors contributing to suicide in this diverse group. Methodology: Digital databases PsycArticles, PsycINFO, PubMed, JSTOR, Science Direct, Web of sciences, and Google Scholar, were searched from 1990 […]