Review of Literature to Identify Whether Encouraging People to Talk About Suicidal Feelings is Associated With any Known/Identified Positive or Negative Outcomes and to Identify any Similar/Relevant Awareness Raising/Social Marketing Campaigns and Th

Literature Review: Men at Risk Suicide Prevention Program Evaluation

The authors were engaged by the Alberta Mental Health Board to do a formative evaluation of the Men at Risk Program, developed in Grande Prairie, Alberta. In addition to stakeholder consultation, a literature review was completed to summarize up-to-date research regarding workplace stress, suicide prevention programs, & the mental health provision challenges related specifically to […]

If Suicide is a Public Health Problem, What are we Doing to Prevent it?

Just as preventing heart disease once meant that specialists treated myocardial infarctions in emergency care settings, in the past decade, suicide prevention has been viewed as the responsbility of mental health professionals within clinical settings. By contrast, over the past 50 years, population-based risk reduction approaches have been used with varying levels of effectiveness to […]

Program Implementation: Putting the Program Into Practice

For more information on the USAF Suicide Prevention Program, please see SIEC #2005-0404 to 2005-0409

Shaping the Intimate: Influences on the Experience of Everyday Nerves


Men at Risk – From the Farm to the Work Site


The Success of Social R&D in Suicide Prevention: the Diffusion Phase Twenty Years Later

The Use of Theory in Developing Suicide Prevention Materials

Making Noise About Suicide: a Community Development Approach

Training for Life: a Manual for Youth Suicide Prevention Trainers

Make a Noise: Preventing Suicide Through Community Development. Interim Report 1997-98

This document outlines the strategies taken by the Youth Suicide Prevention Project in its first year. It provides insight into the rationale behind different approaches & where change has been measurable. Discussion of the project takes place in the context of partnerships, community training, campaigns, policies, teamwork, evaluation, limitations, & the future of the project.

Make a Noise: Final Evaluation Executive Summary September ’97 – September ’99

Making a Noise About Suicide Prevention: a Community Development Approach

This presentation outlined the establishment of the ‘Make a Noise – Youth Suicide Prevention Project’ of the Greater Murray Area Health Service. The project used a community development approach & employed a number of strategies to reduce suicide risk. The presentation highlighted the importance of involving young people in the planning of youth suicide prevention […]

You can do it! A Community Guide for Injury Prevention

This book outlines 10 steps for developing an injury prevention program. These steps include data analysis, selecting target populations, determining intervention strategies, developing an implementation plan, selection of community agencies to implement the program, developing protocols & materials, orientation & training, implementing the program, monitoring & supporting the program, & evaluation. Supporting activities, e.g. working […]

The Impact of a Media Campaign on Public Action to Help Maltreated Children in Addictive Families

This article reports the impact of a South Carolina state-wide campaign based on the collaboration among media & human services professionals & the application of principles from the theory of reasoned action. It describes the multimedia project, summarizes key outcomes, & offers recommendations for future public awareness projects. The camapign helped to increase by 62% […]

Stop the Whispers! Suicidal Persons can be Helped. Suicide Prevention Week, May 7-13, 1995

In conjunction with Suicide Prevention Week, members of the American Association of Suicidology (AAS) are encouraged to speak out about the causes of suicide & methods of early detection, treatment, & dealing with the aftermath of suicide. This information kit includes handouts, statistics, USA 1992 Official Suicide Data, press releases, publicity ideas, a sample public […]