Suicidal behavior and attitudes in Slovak and Turkish high school students: A cross-cultural investigation.

Suicidal behavior and its variation across social contexts are of importance for the science of suicidology. Due to its special character controlled experimental studies on suicide are ruled out for ethical reasons. Cross-cultural studies may throw light on the etiology of both suicidal behavior and its cross-cultural variation. The present study compared suicidal behavior and […]

Gender Differences in Attitudes Toward Suicide: a Comparison of Swedish, Japanese, and Slovak Females and Males

Published in “The Suicidal Process: Challenges for Treatment and Prevention”

Cancer Occurrence Among Radiation Workers at JaslovskŽ Bohunice Nuclear Power Plant

The Public Health Institute in Trnava, Slovak Republic under coordination of the International Agency of Cancer Research at Lyon, France, completed a retrospective cohort study of cancer occurrence among nuclear workers at JaslovskŽ Bohunice, Slovak Republic, as part of a multicentric cohort study of 14 countries. During the study it was found that the most […]