Association between hospital-diagnosed sleep disorders and suicide: A nationwide cohort study

Study Objectives: Sleep disorders are related to mental disorders. Yet few studies have examined their association with suicide. We examined whether males and females diagnosed with sleep disorders had higher rates of suicide than individuals not diagnosed with sleep disorders. Methods: In a cohort study, nationwide data on all males and females aged over 15 […]

Risk of suicidal ideation, suicide attempts, and suicide deaths in persons with sleep apnea: Protocol for a systemic review and meta-analysis

Aim To estimate the pooled prevalence and incidence of suicidal ideation, attempts, and deaths in people with sleep apnea. Method We will identify epidemiological studies reporting the prevalence or incidence rate of suicide in people with sleep apnea. We will search the following databases: PubMed (MEDLINE), Scopus, Cochrane Library, OVID (HEALTH STAR), OVID (MEDLINE) and […]