Chasing Death: Losing a Child to Suicide

This book is written by a mother who lost her 20-year-old son to suicide. It tells his story as well as the experiences of other families mourning the loss of a child to suicide.

The Role of Affect Regulation in a Case of Attempted Maternal-Filicide Suicide: Commentary on an act of Despair

A case of attempted maternal-filial suicide is discussed from the perspective of trauma, emotional regulation, & defense mechanisms. Case details which include childhood sexual abuse, observed parental violence, & emotional neglect allow for an illustration of the impact of childhood family experiences on adult intimacy & coping patterns. Domestic violence & the perception of protection […]

The Coldest Night: a Family’s Experience of Suicide

“The Coldest Night” tells the story of a mother’s loss of her 22-year-old son to suicide. The story begins from the moment she learned of her son’s death, through the post-mortem, the funeral, & the subsequent months of bewilderment & shock as she & her family tried to come to terms with a changed life […]

The Role of Affect Regulation in a Case of Attempted Maternal Filicide-Suicide

The scarce empirical research into maternal filicide-suicide has resulted in a number of descriptive risk factors for the offender. The aim of this paper is to highlight the interaction amongst these risk factors via a case study of a woman who survived a filicide-suicide the child also survived. The authors conclude that in order to […]

Suicide Attempts by Adolescent Latinas: an Exploratory Study of Individual and Family Correlates


Maternal Suicidality and Suicide Risk in Offspring


Mothers Living With Suicidal Adolescents: a Phenomenological Study of Their Experiences

This phenomenological study describes & enhances the understanding of what life is like for 6 mothers living with suicidal adolescents. Data were collected through unstructured interviews. Thematic analysis identified six themes: failure as a good mother, the ultimate rejection, feeling alone in the struggle, helplessness & powerlessness in the struggle, cautious parenting, & keeping an […]

Maternal Filicide and its Intersection With Suicide

Maternal filicide may occur either alone or as part of a filicide-suicide. This study considered differences among 3 groups of mothers who committed filicide: those who did so without a concomitant suicide attempt, those who made a nonfatal suicide attempt, & those who died by suicide. Traditional predictors of suicide did not distinguish mothers who […]

Mothering After Suicide: the Poetry of Susan J. Woitas

Susan Woitas wrote the first poem in her collection “Lost Lives” after losing her 17-year-old son to suicide in November 1997 & the last poem in December 2005, three years after the death of her second son, who also died by suicide at the age of 17. In addition to presenting Woitas’s poetry, this paper […]

Lost Lives

This book is a collection of poems. The author is the survivor of multiple suicides in her family, including the loss of her two sons.

Charcoal Burning and Maternal Filicide-Suicide Trends in Taiwan: the Impact of Accessibility of Lethal Methods


Cardinal Feathers: Gifts From my Son’s Life…and Death by Suicide


Shattered Dreams and Broken Hearts: a Mother’s Revelations and Struggles to Cope With Grief due to Suicide of her Only Child

In this book, the author uses poetry to express her grief at the loss of her son (and only child) to suicide. The book also provides information on support groups, website, & getting help for those who think they have no hope for the future.

An Interpretive Phenomenological Analysis of Maternal Identity Following Child Suicide: Abridged

This paper reports on a qualitative study of 6 mothers who lost one child & 1 mother who lost two children, over the age of 16, to suicide. Participants were interviewed about important components of their maternal identity, the psychological & social implications of losing their child to suicide & strategies for managing the difficulties […]

Risk Factors for Maternal Filicidal-Suicidal Ideation

In this dissertation, studies on filicide & on homicide-suicide have been reviewed & evaluated, including a reanalysis of cases that contained data that were not reflected in the findings of the studies of which they were a part. Some of the findings from this study are that the majority of mothers who die by suicide […]

ADHD and Aggression as Correlates of Suicidal Behavior in Assaultive Prepubertal Psychiatric Inpatients

43 psychiatrically hospitalized prepubertal children were assessed regarding their assaultive & suicidal behaviours. These children were subsequently classified as assaultive/suicidal or assaultive-only. Assaultive/suicidal children had higher aggression & suicidal-scale scores, but not higher derepssion scores, & were likely to be diagnosed with ADHD. Aggression mediated the relation between ADHD & suicidal behaviours. Differences in symptom […]

Book Review-Will’s Choice: a Suicidal Teen, a Desperate Mother, and a Chronicle of Recovery by G Griffith


Maternal Suicidality and Risk of Suicidality in Offspring: Findings From a Community Study

This German study evaluated the associations between suicidal ideation & suicide attempts in mothers & various aspects of suicidality in their offspring in a representative community sample. Results are based on 933 adolescents who completed follow-up & for whom direct diagnostic information for the biological mother was available. Compared to offspring of mothers without suicidality, […]