Sexual and religious obsessions in relation to suicidal ideation in bipolar disorder

Objectives Obsessions and suicidal behavior are common among patients with bipolar disorder. The relation between them and their impact on disease severity should be a focus of attention. This study aimed at assessment of the presence of sexual and religious obsessions in patients with bipolar disorder and their relation to suicide ideation. Methods Ninety patients […]

Depression and PTSD-related anhedonia mediate the association of military sexual trauma and suicidal ideation in female service members/veterans

Previous research shows a direct link between military sexual trauma and suicide risk. Little is known about mediators of this association, including posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or depression severity, mental health conditions that are correlated with both suicide risk and military sexual trauma. Moreover, existing studies of military sexual trauma do not distinguish between harassment […]

Predictors of suicidal ideation in veterans with PTSD related to military sexual trauma.

Predictors of suicidal ideation (SI) were examined in a sample of veterans (N = 128) diagnosed with posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) related to military sexual trauma. Suicidal ideation was predicted by both depressive symptom severity and posttraumatic symptom severity in separate correlation analyses. When controlling for the effects of depressive and posttraumatic symptom severity on […]

Development and initial validation of the structured interview for self-destructive behaviors.


Depression and suicide ideation among students accessing campus health care

Depression and suicide are of increasing concern on college campuses. Data collected from the College Health Intervention Projects on the frequency of depression and suicide ideation among 1622 students. Students completed the Beck Depression Inventory and other measures related to exercise patterns, alcohol use, sensation seeking and violence. Because the majority of students access campus-based […]

Gender-Specific Risk Factors for Suicidality Among High School Students


‘Bad’ Boys and ‘Sad’ Girls? Examining Internalizing and Externalizing Effects on Parasuicides Among Youth

A series of logistic regression models were developed incorporating various internalizing & externalizing risk factors experienced by young people with the goal of predicting parasuicides among Canadian youth. Data were used from the National Longitudinal Study of Child and Youth – Waves 3 through 6 for a total sample of 2,499 15-year-olds. Results showed both […]

Attempted Suicide and Associated Risk Factors Among Youth in Urban Japan

The prevalence of attempted suicide was assessed & individual, interpersonal, behavioural, & psychological risk factors associated with attempted suicide were explored in a general community sample of metropolitan Japanese youth. 2095 youth, ages 15-24, were recruited using street-intercept techniques. Overall, 6% of males & 11% of females reported a prior suicide attempt. For males, attempted […]

Early Initiation of Alcohol Drinking, Cigarette Smoking, and Sexual Intercourse Linked to Suicidal Ideation and Attempts: Findings From the 2006 Korean Youth Risk Behavior Survey

This study examined the association between early initiation of problem behaviours (alcohol drinking, cigarette smoking, sexual intercourse) & suicidal behaviours, & explored the effect of concurrent participation in these problem behaviours on suicidal behaviours among Korean adolescents. Data were obtained from the 2006 Korean Youth Risk Behavior Survey. Bivariate & multivariate logistic analyses were conducted. […]

The Role of Gender and Sexual Relations for Young People in Identity Construction and Youth Suicide

This paper examines the cultural context of youth suicide, & asks how youth suicide may be related to emerging sexual identity. In particular, it focuses on the situation of young heterosexual women. The findings are based on interviews with 41 young people, parents, & youth service providers. Interviews were semi-structured & open-ended, & included the […]

Suicidal Ideation in Adolescents Aged 11 to 15 Years: Prevalence and Associated Factors

This study examined the prevalence of & factors associated with suicide ideation among Brazilian adolescents, aged 11-15 years. A cross-sectional population-based study was conducted. 1,039 adolescents were interviewed. The prevalence of suicide ideation was 14.1%. Factors associated with suicide ideation included female gender, current alcohol consumption, use of illicit drugs, symptoms indicating conduct disorders, & […]

Adolescent Depression and Suicide Risk: Association with sex and Drug Behavior


Understanding Suicidality and Correlates Among Chinese Secondary School Students in Hong Kong

This study investigated the factors associated with suicide ideation & attempts among a representative sample of 3,383 secondary school students in Hong Kong. Youth risk behaviours such as heavy smoking, episodic heavy alcohol drinking, early sexual experience, & feeling hopeless were found to be associated with both suicidal thoughts & attempts. Misuse of drugs was […]

Cross-National Analysis of the Associations Between Traumatic Events and Suicidal Behavior: Findings From the WHO World Mental Health Surveys

Data on trauma exposure & subsequent first onset of suicidal behaviour were collected via structured interviews conducted in the households of 102,245 respondents in 21 countries. Bivariate & multivariate survival models tested the relationship between the type & number of traumatic events & subsequent suicidal behaviour. Sexual & interpersonal violence showed the strongest effects. A […]

Relationship Between Mental Disorders/Suicidality and Three Sexual Behaviors: Results From the National Comorbidity Survey Replication

This study examined the relationship between sexual behaviours & mental disorders & suicidality in the National Comorbidity Survey Replication. Compared to ages 15-17, those with age of first intercourse between 12 & 14 had increased rates of lifetime disruptive behaviour, substance use, & any mental disorder, & suicide ideation & attempts. Those with first intercourse […]

Correlates of Serious Suicidal Ideation and Attempts in Female Adult Sexual Assault Survivors

Covariation of Cigarette Smoking and Other Health-Risk Behaviors Amaong Japanese High School Students: a Preliminary Study

This study aims to determine if cigarette smoking is associated with engaging in other health-risk behaviours among high school students in Japan. Self-administered questionnaires were given to 1,466 students in senior high schol in Okinawa. In the logistic regression models, controlled for sociodemographic variables, smoking was significantly associated with all health-risk behaviours, including suicide ideation, […]

Risk Factors for Suicidality Among a Nationally Representative Sample of High School Students

Using 2005 Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance data for 13,917 high school students, the authors examined the associations between 4 domains of risk factors (alcohol/drug use, aggression, HIV risk-related behaviors, & health problems) & indicators of suicidality (considering a suicide attempt, making a plan to attempt suicide, & actually attempting suicide). Logistic regressions showed that drug […]

Depression and Suicide in College Students

This article discusses factors that contribute to depression & suicide in college students.

Sexual Coercion, HIV-Related Risk, and Mental Health Among Female sex Workers in China

This study examined the association of sexual coercion with HIV-related risk behaviours & suicidal thoughts & attempts among female sex workers in Guangxi, China. 454 women in 57 entertainment establishments were interviewed between March & May 2004. The prevalence of suicidal thoughts & suicide attempts in the previous 6 months were 14.3% & 8.4%, respectively. […]

Correlates of Suicidal Ideation and Attempt Among Female sex Workers in China

This study explored factors associated with suicide ideation & attempts among 454 female sex workers in a rural county of Guangxi, China. About 14% of respondents had thought of suicide & 8% had attempted suicide in the past 6 months. Multiple logistic regression analyses indicated that those women who were dissatisfied with life, abused alcohol, […]

Silent Killers of the Night: an Exploration of Psychological Health and Suicidality Among Female Street sex Workers

This article examines factors relating to psychological health & suicide attempts among female street sex workers in Hong Kong. On average, the sample scored significantly lower on the psychological health domain in comparison to the general female population of Hong Kong. Factors associated with the working environment in the sex industry were significantly associated with […]

A Cross-National Comparison of Youth Risk Behaviors in Latino Secondary School Students Living in El Salvador and the USA

The prevalence of health risk behaviours from 4 domains (aggression & victimization, depression & suicide ideation, substance use, & sexual behaviour) were compared between Salvadoran & American Latino secondary school students aged 14-17 years. A secondary analysis was performed on two 1999 cross-sectional survey data. The prevalence rates for aggression/victimatization & for depression & suicide […]