Exploration of race and ethnicity, sex, sport-related concussion, depression history, and suicide attempts in US youth

Importance  Racial, ethnic, and sex disparities for concussion incidence and suicide attempts in youth have been reported, but data on the interaction of these variables in a large national data set are lacking. Understanding how race and ethnicity interact with sex and concussion to influence suicide attempts could yield critical information on the sociocultural impact of […]

Temporal trends in suicidal ideation and attempts among US adolescents by sex and race/ethnicity, 1991-2019

Objective  To examine differences in temporal trends between suicidal ideation and suicide attempts in US adolescents from 1991 through 2019 by sex and race/ethnicity subgroups. Design, Setting, and Participants  A cross-sectional analysis of the national Youth Risk Behavior Survey, weighted to represent US adolescents from 1991 to 2019, included 183 563 US high-school students in grades 9 […]

Associations of suicidality trends with cannabis use as a function of sex and depression status

Objective  To determine whether cannabis use and cannabis use disorder (CUD) are associated with a higher prevalence of suicidality among young adults with or without depression and to assess whether these associations vary by sex. Design, Setting, and Participants  This survey study examined data from 281 650 adults aged 18 to 34 years who participated in the National […]

Age-and sex-specific risk factors for youth suicide: A mixed methods review

Background: Suicide is the second-leading cause of death for individuals ages 10 through 34, and rates are rising. This study seeks to broaden the understanding of suicide in youths ages 10-17. Study Aims: Use a mixed-methods approach to investigate the different characteristics leading to youth suicide by 2 distinct youth age subgroups (pre-high school and […]

Sex-dependent associations of low birth weight and suicidal ideation in adulthood: A community-based cohort study

Low birth weight (LBW; < 2,500 g) has been identified as a risk factor for adverse mental health outcomes over the life span. However, little is known about the association of LBW and suicidal ideation in middle and late adulthood. We investigated N = 8,278 participants of a representative community cohort: 3,849 men (46.5%) and 4,429 women (53.5%) (35–74 years of age). […]

Interpersonal needs and suicide risk: The moderating roles of sex and brooding

Objectives This paper tested two moderators, brooding and participant sex, on the respective relations between thwarted belongingness (TB), perceived burdensomeness (PB), and suicide risk. Method Using a cross‐sectional design in a sample of undergraduates (N = 278), two hierarchical regression models examining the three‐way interaction between brooding, sex, and either TB or PB on suicide risk were […]

Acquired capability and masculine gender norm adherence: Potential pathways to higher rates of male suicide.

The interpersonal theory posits that to die by suicide a person must be fearless of death and able to tolerate the physical pain involved in suicide. This capability for suicide is acquired via repeated exposure to painful and provocative life events and has been proposed as a potential mechanism by which men come to be […]

Suicidal ideation in transgender people: Gender minority stress and interpersonal theory factors.

Research has revealed alarmingly high rates of suicidal ideation (SI) and suicide attempts among transgender and gender nonconforming (TGNC) people. This study aims to analyze the role of factors from the gender minority stress and resilience (GMSR) model (Testa, Habarth, Peta, Balsam, & Bockting, 2015), the interpersonal-psychological theory of suicide (IPTS; Joiner, 2005; Van Orden […]

Sex differences in glutamate receptor gene expression in major depression and suicide.

Accumulating data indicate that the glutamate system is disrupted in major depressive disorder (MDD), and recent clinical research suggests that ketamine, an antagonist of the N-methyl-d-aspartate (NMDA) glutamate receptor (GluR), has rapid antidepressant efficacy. Here we report findings from gene expression studies of a large cohort of postmortem subjects, including subjects with MDD and controls. […]

Mortality following unemployment in Canada, 1991-2000.

Background This study describes the association between unemployment and cause-specific mortality for a cohort of working-age Canadians. Methods We conducted a cohort study over an 11-year period among a broadly representative 15% sample of the non-institutionalized population of Canada aged 30Ð69 at cohort inception in 1991 (888,000 men and 711,600 women who were occupationally active). […]

Deliberate self-harm and suicide by pesticide ingestion in the Sundarban region, India

The clinical epidemiology, including case fatality & determinants of self-harm, were examined in six island blocks of the Sundarban region of West Bengal, India. The clinical records of 1277 patients admitted to hospital for deliberate self-harm between 1999-2001 were examined. Women accounted for 65.2% of deliberate self-harm admissions & 67.1% of the deaths. Pesticides were […]

Suicide and Unintentional Poisoning Mortality Trends in the United States, 1987-2006: two Unrelated Phenomena?

The authors compared suicide & poisoning mortality trends over 2 decades in a preliminary assessment of their independence & implications for suicide misclassification. Subjects were 936,633 Americans who died between 1987-2006 & whose underlying cause of death was classified as suicide, unintentional poisoning, or injury mortality of undetermined intent. In contrast to small rate changes […]

Deliberate Self-Poisoning in Oman

The demographics, precipitating factors, substances & methods used for deliberate self-harm in Oman are described. Data were extracted from the records of patients treated at emergency units in Muscat from 1993-1998. During the 5-year study period, 123 persons presented to hospital with injuries that resulted from deliberate self-harm. Most cases involved women, students, & the […]

Suicides in Imphal

296 cases of suicide occurring between 1993-2002 & examined in the Department of Forensic Medicine, Imphal, India were studied. There was a predominance of male cases & the most common method was hanging. Suicide by firearm was the method of choice among security personnel. The highest number of suicides was seen in individuals age 21-30 […]

Attempted Suicide, Self-Harm, and Violent Victimization Among Regular Illicit Drug Users

Relationships among attempted suicide, nonsuicidal self-harm, & physical assault were examined in 400 regular users of heroin &/or psychostimulants. 28% had episodes of nonsuicidal self-harm, 32% had attempted suicide, & 95% had been violently assaulted. The number of suicide attempts & nonsuicidal self-harm incidents were correlated. There were also significant correlations between the number of […]

Review of Suicidal Cases, a Retrospective Study

This paper reports on 159 suicides during 2003-2004 & examined post-mortem in an unidentified district of India. A detailed study was done of age, gender, time of suicide, socioeconomic status, education, & precipitating conditions. Information was also sought from victims’ relatives & suicide notes, where available. Psychosocial factors, like family disputes, played a greater role […]

The Association Between Relationship Markers of Sexual Orientation and Suicide: Denmark, 1990-2001


Particularities of Suicide in the Elderly. A Population-Based Study

A population-based study of elderly suicide was undertaken, including 1008 suicides in Middle Franconia between 2004-2007. Data was analyzed regarding gender, methods, initiating motive, & chronobiological factors at the time of death. Higher rates of suicide were observed in the population at risk over 65 years old, in both genders. There were significant differences regarding […]

Global Warming Possibly Linked to an Enhanced Risk of Suicide: Data From Italy, 1974-2003

This study explored the impact of global warming on suicide mortality, using data from Italy. Monthly data on suicide mortality & temperature were obtained for 1974-2003 & the relation between them was investigated using the Gaussian low-pass filter, linear correlation analysis, & rank analysis. For males, increasing anomalies in monthly average temperatures associated to a […]

The Impact of Widowhood on Irish Mortality due to Suicide and Accidents

The impact of widowhood on suicide & accident mortality in Ireland was investigated using Poisson regression analysis applied to routine data relating to all 10,561 suicidal & accidental deaths of married or widowed persons aged at leat 35 years in Ireland during 1986-2005. Mortality rates were almost always higher among the widowed & often by […]

Domestic Violence-Related Deaths

Using data from the “Surveillance for Violent Deaths – National Violent Death Reporting System, 16 States, 2005” (Karch et al, 2008), it is possible to extrapolate that as many as 7,832 male & 1,958 female domestic violence-related suicides occur annually in the United States. When domestic violence-related suicides are combined with domestic violence homicides, the […]

Does Adversity Early in Life Affect General Population Suicide Rates? A Cross-National Study

The relationship between general population suicide rates & 4 proxy measures of adversity earlier in life was examined using data from the World Health Organization & the United Nations data banks. General population suicide rates were negatively correlated with the percentage of children under the age of 5 years who were underweight, the percentage of […]

A Prospective Study of Suicidal Behaviour in Sundarban Delta, West Bengal, India

A year-long prospective study of all patients admitted for deliberate self-harm at 13 block primary health centres of the Sundarban region was done to examine the sociodemographic profile & clinical outcome of suicidal behaviour. A total of 1614 self-harm subjects were admitted during the year; 143 died. Although women, especially in the younger age groups, […]