Suicides among Serbian war veterans: An autopsy study.

The risk of suicide among war veterans is a controversial issue, where findings so far have been contradictory. Objective. This study focusses on suicide in Serbian veterans from the wars in former Yugoslavia in the 1990s in order to create appropriate preventive measures and reduce the number of these fatal cases. Methods. The autopsy protocols […]

Suicide Attempts, the way of Committing Them and, Socio-Demographic Characteristics During 2003 in Patients Treated in the Clinical Center, Nis

Regular psychiatric consultations at a clinic enabled the authors to study parasuicidal behaviours with the purpose of establishing psychopathological & social factors leading to this kind of behaviour. Data from 2003 is presented in order to highlight the key characteristics of this phenomenon in the city of Nis. (11 refs.)

Alcoholics and Non-Alcoholics in Attempted Suicide

This presentation reviewed an analysis of 300 cases of attempted suicide treated in Novi Sad over a two-year period. The case histories of alcoholics were separated out & then compared to all other cases. The outcomes of statistical analyses were presented.

The Balkan Piedmont: Male Suicide Rates Pre-war, Wartime, and Post-war in Serbia and Montenegro


Analysis of Neck Injuries in Hanging

Retrospective study of suicidal hangings was made on 175 cases for a 5-year period. The sample was divided in 4 groups according to the position of the ligature knot. The authors analyzed all visible injuries of soft tissues & bones & cartilage of the neck, & in 150 cases, the authors established that there was […]