Prevalence and risk factors for suicide attempts in prison

Suicidal behaviour represents a substantial burden of morbidity and mortality in prisons worldwide. We aimed to synthesise the evidence on prevalence and risk factors for suicide attempts during incarceration. In this systematic review and meta-analysis, we searched four bibliographic databases for studies (published up to May 31, 2022) reporting on adults sampled from the general prison population who […]

Are mental health apps adequately equipped to handle users in crisis?

Background: Mental health (MH) apps are growing in popularity. While MH apps may be helpful, less is known about how crises such as suicidal ideation are addressed in apps. Aims: We examined the proportion of MH apps that contained language mentioning suicide or suicidal ideation and how apps communicated these policies and directed users to MH resources through […]

Navigating the ethics of internet-guided self-help interventions

Internet-guided self-help (IGSH) programs have proliferated recently to treat common mental health problems such as anxiety and depression. However, technology has outpaced the development of ethical guidelines for this mode of delivery. We examine ethical challenges in this new space, including defining the role “guides” play in treatment, crisis management, and user selection and screening. […]

Forgiveness and blame among suicide survivors: A qualitative analysis on reports of 4-year self-help-group meetings

This article presents the qualitative analysis of reports obtained through participant observations collected over a 4-year period in a series of suicide survivor self-help group meetings. It analysed how grievers’ healing was managed by their own support. The longitudinal study was focused on self/other blame and forgiveness. Results show how self-blame was continuously present along […]

Attachment and non-suicidal self-injury among young adolescents: The indirect role of behavioral problems

Non-suicidal self-injury (NSSI) often occurs before age 15, yet the majority of research on risk factors for this dangerous behavior has focused on samples of older participants. Insecure attachment has been previously identified as a risk factor for both NSSI and behavioral problems, and behavioral problems appear to be particularly associated with NSSI among young […]

Trajectories of suicidal ideation in people seeking web-based help for suicidality:Secondary analysis of a Dutch randomized controlled trial.

Suicidal ideation (SI) is a common mental health problem. Variability in intensity of SI over time has been linked to suicidal behavior, yet little is known about the temporal course of SI. The primary aim was to identify prototypical trajectories of SI in the general population and, secondarily, to examine whether receiving Web-based self-help for […]

Survivors of suicide: Who they are and how do they heal?

A questionnaire was administered to a national sample of 293 people receiving the American Association of SuicidologyÕs Surviving Suicide to learn (a) who self-identifies as bereaved by suicide (survivors), (b) their coping strategies, and (c) what they prefer to be called. Findings suggest that (a) there are many different relationships in which people are bereaved, […]

The Effectiveness of a Web-Based Self-Help Intervention to Reduce Suicidal Thoughts: a Randomized Controlled Trial

Using a randomized controlled trial, this study will evaluate a self-help intervention. The intervention is based on cognitive behavioural therapy & is aimed at individuals experiencing mild to moderate suicidal thoughts. 130 participants will be randomly allocated to the intervention condition & 130 to the information control condition. Self-report questionnaires will be filled out at […]

Why? The Eternal Unanswered Question

On June 23, 2004, my husband of thirty-five years took his own life as a result of depression. Over the course of our married life I had written him several love poems, but hadn’t written as much the last couple of years of our marriage. Two weeks prior to his death, my husband told me […]