Sense-making in suicide survivorship: a qualitative study of the effect of grief support group participation.

The death of a family member or close friend to suicide is a devastating life event. While research has suggested that suicide survivors may benefit from participation in support groups, little has been done to identify those elements of the experience of suicide survivorship that are impacted by grief support groups. This phenomenological inquiry of […]

Alcohol Factors in Suicide Mortality Rates in Manitoba

The impact of per capita consumption of total alcohol, spirits, beer, & wine; unemployment rate; & Alcoholics Anonymous membership rate on total, male & female suicide rates in Manitoba during 1976-1997 was examined. Time series analyses with autoregressive integrated moving average modelling were applied to total, male, & female suicide rates. Total alcohol consumption, & […]

Alcohol Consumption, Alcoholics Anonymous Membership, and Suicide Mortality Rates, Ontario, 1968-1991

The impact of alcohol consumption levels, Alcoholics Anonymous membership rates, & unemployment rates on suicide rates in Ontario from 1968-1991 was studied. Total alcohol consumption & consumption of each of beer, distilled spirits, & wine were significantly & positively related to total & female suicide rates. Although data for males did not reach significance (except […]

Correlations for Alcohol use, Abuse, and Treatment With Suicide and Homicide Across 21 Nations

Youth Take two: Working With Marginalised Young People

Published in “Suicide in Modern Ireland: new Dimensions, new Responses”

Helping People Bereaved by Suicide: Their Needs may Require Special Attention

This paper reviews recent research in the field of suicide bereavement, & draws important conclusions for those who offer help to individuals & families who suffer these types of loss. The authors review the specific issues faced by people who have lost someone through suicide, the nature of available help, & future needs in this […]

Substance Abuse (Including Nicotine) in Schizophrenic Patients

This review analyzed substance abuse in schizophrenic patients. Results indicate that substance-use disorders occurred most commonly in males, & were more prevalent in the young. There was a higher risk for suicide in this population. One study presented found that schizophrenic patients with substance-use disorders reported suicidal ideation more frequently (75%) than past users (28%) […]

A Support Group Intervention for at-Risk Female High School Students

In this practice-improvement project, 14 high-risk female high-school students showing signs of depression completed a questionnaire about risk & protective factors during assessment & at the end of intervention. 12 participated in a weekly support group designed to enhance coping skills & provide emotional support. Assessment revealed that they were at suicide risk. At the […]

Our Pathway “Out” …Growing up gay – Dealing With Life Stress – and Coping

The research which forms the basis of this report is based on interviews with members of a gay & bisexual youth group & participant observation data. The aim was to gather qualitative information to describe: the nature of life stressors impacting on young gay & bisexual men, in particular those which predispose them to self-harming […]

Group Activities for Kids who Hurt

All Together now: how Families are Affected by Depression and Manic Depression

Preventing Suicide: How to Start a Survivors’ Group

National Conference on Best Practices and Mental Health Reform: Conference Summary April 30-May 1, 1999, Toronto, Ontario

The Grief Recovery Handbook: the Action Program for Moving Beyond Death, Divorce, and Other Losses

Using their own personal stories, the authors illustrate the actions that led them through grief recovery. Part One of this book discusses many of the myths about grief. In the second part, tools & actions essential for recovery are introduced. Part Three teaches specific actions that a grieving person must take to complete the pain […]

Daughters of the Moon, Sisters of the Sun: Young Women & Mentors on the Transition to Womanhood


Best Practices in Mental Health Reform: Situational Analysis. Prepared for the Federal/Provincial/Territorial Advisory network on Mental Health


The Suicide Experience – From a Self Help Group and Bereavement Perspective (IN: Suicide Prevention: Public Health Significance…, by the Public Health Association of Australia Inc.)

The focus of this paper is on the experiences of those bereaved by suicide, particularly parents & siblings. The authors report on their own experiences after the suicide of their 18-year-old son. They discuss & analyze their experiences with the Victorian chapter of The Compassionate Friends. The paper ends with some tentative observations & suggestions […]

Kid Power Tactics for Dealing With Depression

Club Speranza. Information & Membership

This pamphlet gives information & a membership application for Club Speranza, an Australian-New Zealand group for suicide survivors, professionals & service providers.

Farmers Strain to Hold the Line as Crisis Uproots Mental Health

Caught in the panic of rising interest rates, falling prices & anxious bankers, about 40% of Iowa farmers are expected to lose their farms. Suicide & violence are real threats for many of these proud farmers. Farm crisis outreach programs designed to educate, identify & treat those affected by the current hard times are described. […]

Canadian Journal of Community Mental Health: Special Issue on Mutual-Aid Groups and Support Groups/Mutual-Aid Groups and Support Groups: The Canadian Context (Volume 14, Number 2, Fall 1995)

This journal describes various Canadian experiences related to mutual-aid & support groups, & draws on diverse perspectives from practitioners & group members. The groups represented address a range of social, physical, & mental health problems & issues. Papers (in English & French) are organized under 3 themes: the interface between formal (professional) & informal (lay) […]

A Peer Consultation and Self-Help Group

Left Behind

This article identifies some of the common reactions experienced by parents & those who were close to a victim of suicide. It identifies bereavement groups & describes the benefits they can provide to those who have been devastated by the loss. It notes that while some groups focus on bereavement after a suicide, others include […]