Nursing students facilitating the transition from suicidal ideation to action in the rural: A qualitative study

Objective: This study aims to increase understanding of the process of nursing students at risk of completing suicide attempts that facilitates the transition from suicidal ideation to action. And The Central Bureau of Statistics, there were 812 suicide cases throughout Indonesia. Methods: The qualitative research involved 15 nursing students who were selected purposively. data collection in rural […]

Nexus of despair: A network analysis of suicidal ideation among veterans

The objective of this study was to estimate a network model of risk and resilience factors of suicidal ideation among veterans. Two network models of suicidal ideation among Operation Iraqi Freedom/Operation Enduring Freedom/Operation New Dawn veterans (N = 276) incorporated key disorders, traumatic stress, and resilience constructs to contextualize suicidal ideation. Childhood trauma was positively connected with […]