Psychosis and hopelessness mediate the relationship between reduced sleep and suicidal ideation in schizophrenia spectrum disorders

Objective:┬áSuicide is a major cause of death amongst individuals with schizophrenia spectrum disorders (SSD). Despite numerous risk factors being identified, accurate prediction of suicidality and provision of tailored and effective treatment is difficult. One factor that may warrant particular attention as a contributor to increased psychopathology and suicidality in SSD is disturbed sleep. Sleep disturbances […]

Oedipism and self-amputation in a schizoaffective, depressed type patient: To heal or feel pain?

Major self-mutilation, defined as self-inflicted physical harm without suicidal intent, can be a catastrophic complication of schizoaffective disorder. Oedipism and self-amputation are two sequelae seen in schizoaffective patients. Oedipism is a type of self-mutilation where an individual inflicts an ocular injury to oneself, often leading to blindness. Self-amputation, another complication seen in those with schizoaffective […]

Assessing the contribution of borderline personality disorder and features to suicide risk in psychiatric inpatients with bipolar disorder, major depression and schizoaffective disorder

Suicidal behavior often accompanies both borderline personality disorder (BPD) and severe mood disorders, and comorbidity between the two appears to further increase suicide risk. The current study aims to quantify the risk of suicidality conferred by comorbid BPD diagnosis or features in three affective disorders: major depressive disorder (MDD), bipolar disorder (BP) and schizoaffective disorder. […]

The Sardinian puzzle: Concentration of major psychoses and suicide in the same sub-regions across one century.

Background: Sardinia, the second largest Mediterranean island has long been considered a privileged observatory for the study of several medical conditions. The peculiar epidemiology of mood disorders and suicide across Sardinian sub-regions has long intrigued clinicians and researchers. Objective: The principal aim of the present study was to test whether the geographical distribution of suicides […]

Attempted suicide in a Xhosa schizophrenia and schizoaffective disorder population.


Mental pain, communication difficulties, and medically serious suicide attempts: A case-control study.

Medical severe suicide attempts (MSSA) are epidemiologically very similar to individuals who complete suicide. Mental pain variants (e.g., hopelessness), facets of communication difficulties (e.g., self-disclosure), as well as socio-demographic and clinical characteristics were assessed. The MSSA had significantly higher communication difficulties than the other 3 groups. Moreover, the interaction between mental pain and communication difficulties […]