Suicidal behaviours among school-going adolescents in Samoa: A secondary analysis of prevalence, protective, and risk factors

Background: Suicide has become a major threat to achieving Sustainable Development Goals three and four, especially for school-going adolescents worldwide. As part of efforts to prevent suicide, population-based studies regarding the prevalence and variables that predict suicidal behaviours are required to inform decisions. Despite this realisation, Samoa lacks empirical data on suicidal behaviours among adolescents. […]

Reducing Suicide in Western Samoa

The author investigated all suicides occurring in Western Samoa from 1970-81 (n=237). A special group was set up to study these suicides & to increase public knowledge of the problem. A reduction in the suicide rate was experienced following this educational program. (NBB)

Suicide in Western Samoa: A Sociological Perspective

Samoans state that suicide has always been known in Samoa but it has become more frequent in recent times. The authors investigate the hypotheses that in a country as rigidly structured & as authoritarian as Samoa, some altruistic suicides are to be expected, & secondly, that changes in the democratic, social & economic structures in […]

Suicide and Attempted Suicide in Contemporary Western Samoa

Bowles presents research findings from a study of suicide & attempted suicide conducted in Western Samoa from 1981 to 1984. Retrospective data was also gathered for 1976-1981. Data for 1956-1976 was from coroner’s reports only. Suicide was found to be steadily increasing, especially for young males. Rates for 1981-83 were 71/100,000 for those 15-24 & […]