Tackling suicide together: Providing a safe space in uncertain times Samaritans strategy 2022-27

Samaritans’ purpose, to be there for people who are struggling to cope and in times of crisis, is as vital as ever. We need to keep adapting and innovating, to provide a safe space for all of those  who will need us in the coming decades. To achieve our vision that fewer people die by suicide, […]

Pilots of the Future: Suicide Prevention and the Internet


Training Outcomes From the Samaritans of New York Suicide Awareness and Prevention Programme Among Community- and School-Based Staff

365 community- & school-based staff completed pre- & post-training measures of self-efficacy regarding their knowledge about suicide & suicide prevention, & their ability to intervene with individuals at risk for suicide. Results indicated increased self-efficacy after suicide prevention training than before. Trainees with higher levels of education & previous contact with suicidal individuals were significantly […]

Authority/Autonomy: Achieving a Balance

This manuscript provides the text of a presentation given at the 1993 meeting of the International Association of Suicide Prevention. The presenter discussed the crucial task, for all voluntary organisations, of establishing the balance between authority & autonomy. The Samaritans were used as a case example.

Program Evaluation of the Samaritans of New York’s Public Education Suicide Awareness and Prevention Training Program

The Samaritans of New York provide a public education suicide awareness and prevention training program focusing on suicide awareness and training in the skills and philosophy to befriend a person in crisis. Fifty-nine participants from a city department of human resources “helpline” to participated in a 3-hr employee training for information line service providers. Participants […]

Media Guidelines: Portrayals of Suicide

The Clientele of the Telephone Samaritan Organization

The Samaritans and the Suicidal Process – at the Beginning and the end of the Line

Published in “The Suicidal Process: Challenges for Treatment and Prevention”

Adolescents and the Samaritans

This document summarizes the findings of a study that examined the effectiveness of outreach talks given by volunteers of the Samaritans. The purpose of these talks was to publicize the suicide prevention work the organization does in schools.

Internet-Observed Suicide Attempts

The authors discuss the information concerning suicide which is available via the Internet, including prevention & service information as well as how-tos & suicidal threats made by users. They report 2 separate cases in which threats of suicide were made somewhat indirectly & discovered over the Internet. Possible reasons for expressing threats via the Internet […]

Training Young Befrienders – a Column From Befrienders International

This column discusses the SKO Life Skills Project in Hong Kong, an annual project started in 1997. SKO is a collaborative effort between 3 organizations that focuses on training young students to work within their own schools to support those in distress & to teach others how to recognize & respond to people in distress […]

Comprehending Suicide: Landmarks in 20th-Century Suicidology

This book has 13 chapters each of which is divided into 3 parts: the first is an essay which reviews a specific book; the second is a reproduction of the title page & table of contents of the reviewed book; & the third consists of a few pages from the original text. The books included […]

Telephone Services for Children and Young People

The telephone can be used to provide counselling & information services to people with a wide variety of needs or concerns. This article provides examples of some telephone services relevant to youth suicide prevention in Australia. Information is provided in 3 sections: telephone counselling services; telephone information services, & telephone recorded information.

Older People and Suicide

This fact sheet provides information on suicide among elderly people in the United Kingdom. Rates of suicide, methods, & contributing factors are briefly reviewed.

Young People and Suicide

This fact sheet provides a brief overview of suicide among young people in the United Kingdom. The incidence of suicide & attempted suicide among adolescents & the factors linked to these phenomena are outlined.

Suicide and Occupation

This fact sheet provides a list of male & female occupations in England & Wales with the highest proportional mortality ratios from suicide together with the number of suicides in each group. Statistics are provided for 1982-1987 & 1988-1992. Among males, age 16-64, the highest proportional mortality ratio was among vets. Among females, government inspectors […]

Concepts and Conceptions of Suicide Prevention Services

Befriending in Cyberspace – Challenges and Opportunities (A Column from Befrienders International)

1999 Annual Report

No, it’s not Just Listening (A Column from Befrienders International)

The Samaritans- a world wide suicide intervention organization are described in this article. The author attempts to dispel the myth that the Samaritan’s “befriending” is simply a passive listening service to suicidal people that call into their centres. She describes the many ways in which Samaritan volunteers and workers respond to the needs of callers, […]

Annual Report 1998

Sharing our Loss: Self-Help Support Group for Families & Friends Bereaved by Suicide

This pamphlet provides information about a bereavement support group in Lethbridge, Alberta. The philosophy, format, leadership style, meeting place & times, & contact people are outlined. Three stages of suicide bereavement – numbness & shock, loss & disorganization, & acceptance & reorganization, are briefly discussed. A short poem, “Sharing the Grief” is printed on the […]

Suicide-Related Articles and Papers; a Catalogue of Items in the Menno Boldt Collection at the Suicide Prevention Society of The Samaritans of Southern Alberta, Lethbridge, Alberta.