Assessing mental health first aid skills using simulated patients.

Objective. To evaluate mental health first aid (MHFA) skills using simulated patients and to compare self-reported confidence in providing MHFA with performance during simulated patient roleplays. Methods. Pharmacy students self-evaluated their confidence in providing MHFA post-training. Two mental health vignettes and an assessment rubric based on the MHFA Action Plan were developed to assess students’ observed MHFA […]

Addressing Suicidal Thoughts and Behaviors in Substance Abuse Treatment Treatment Improvement Protocol (TIP) Series 50, HHS Publication No. (SMA) 09-4381

Part 1 of this protocol is for substance abuse counsellors & has 2 chapters on working with clients with substance use disorders who have suicidal thoughts &/or behaviours. Part 2 is for program administrators & also has 2 chapters. Chapter 1 lay outs the rationale for the second chapter & helps administrators understand how they […]

On-Line, Computer-Based, Interactive Simulations: Bridging Classroom and Field

This paper briefly describes 2 educational tutorial programs, & the efforts of the author to evaluate the effectiveness of them. 1 program is designed to teach students how to apply crisis concepts to a practice simulation, & the second program is designed to teach students how to assess lethality with a suicidal client. Formal evaluations […]

A Whole School Approach to Understanding Mental Illnesses

This book is part of the MindMatters Mental Health Promotion Resource for Secondary Schools. See SIEC #2003-0671.

Guidelines for the Training of Lay-workers in Suicide Prevention (IN: Preventive Strategies on Suicide, ed. by R F W Diekstra, W Gulbinat et al.)

This chapter is concerned with the development of the attributes, skills, & knowledge that enable lay-people to recognize & support those at risk of suicide. It discusses particularly the selection & training of volunteers in suicide prevention agencies, & includes material that could also be adapted for use in the training of other groups. (19 […]

Agricultural Service Provider Suicide Awareness Presentation

The kit also contains an adaptation of this presentation for trade & industry workers.

The Struggle to be Strong: True Stories by Teens About Overcoming Tough Times


A Leader’s Guide to The Struggle to be Strong. How to Foster Resilience in Teens


Lives Worth Living: Suicide Intervention Training and Resource Manual for Rural and Remote Workers

Teaching Front-Line Health and Voluntary Workers to Assess and Manage Suicidal Patients

8 hours of interview skills training were taught to 33 health & voluntary workers. Evaluation was done pre- & post-training. Suicide risk assessment & management skills such as problem solving & provision of immediate support were significantly improved at 1 month after training. Training did not significantly improve general interview skills, combating hopelessness nor the […]

SOS: Adolescent Attempted Suicide in General Practice. Workshop 2: Counselling Adolescents at Risk of Suicide. GP Workbook

This workbook is meant to teach general practitioners counselling skills to use with adolescents at risk of suicide. Role plays are used to illustrate 3 factors which can inhibit communications between doctor & patient: embarrassment, fear of consequences & time constraints. Active listening skills are reviewed. Information is provided on counselling the acutely suicidal adolescent. […]

Suicide Prevention (IN: Basic Psychological Skills for Front-Line Staff of Residential Youth Facilities, by K France)

Potential suicide is seen as a problem for approximately 14% of all students in residential youth facilities. Front-line staff need to understand risk factors associated with suicide & should be familiar with basic intervention principles. When intervening with such residents, there are 5 considerations to keep in mind: arranging medical assistance, determining appropriate intervention, decreasing […]

American Indian Life Skills Development Curriculum

Presenter’s Manual: It Doesn’t Have to end This way

A presenter’s manual designed to give schools the necessary tools to begin to address youth suicide. It discusses myths, warning signs, symptoms, & how to respond to a suicidal emergency.

Deana Don’t do it/A Discussion Guide for the Audio Tape “Deana Don’t do it”

This package includes an audio tape of the radio play, “Deana Don’t Do It”, & a discussion guide. The play is intended to promote discussion on the issue of teen suicide in native communities. One side of the cassette (the play) is in English, while the other side is an interview of a native elder […]

Peer Power, Book One: Strategies for the Professional Leader. Becoming an Effective Peer Helper and Conflict Mediator (Third Edition)


Peer Power, Book One: Workbook. Becoming an Effective Peer Helper and Conflict Mediator (Third Edition)


Evaluation of Suicide Intervention Effectiveness

The strategies that have been used to evaluate the effectiveness of suicide intervention workers & agencies are reviewed. Particular attention is paid to the Suicide Intervention Response Inventory, a self-administered test of suicide counselling skills whose validity, reliability & practical utility suggest the benefit of its use in a broader range of research & applied […]

Walking on the Edge: Suicide Intervention

This kit is a counsellor video training package. A 33-minute video shows the experience of a suicidal youth interacting with a counsellor, family & friends to demonstrate the often limited perception of the suicidal person & the experience of such a person in social context. The accompanying manual presents relevant information & theory, & suggests […]

Out of Despair: a Resource for Helping Young People Deal With Stressful Situations

This kit contains a video tape & presenter’s notes. The video depicts 3 scenarios of young people being overwhelmed by problems. The scenarios are designed to provide a starting point for discussion & role play of alternative coping strategies. The presenter’s notes contain 5 lessons, the first 3 relate directly to the video, the fourth […]

Growing Through Grief: a K – 12 Curriculum to Help Young People Through all Kinds of Loss

The “Growing Through Grief” curriculum provides a life cycle, life skills & building block approach so that young people can gain internal & external resources to grow on. Developed in age appropriate groupings, sessions can be taught as a self contained class or can be incorporated into other clases or into group or individual settings.

School Suicide Prevention: “Modular Role Play”

This presentation described the author’s personal experience in using the “Modular Role Play” at high schools in Bat-Yam Israel. The aim of the role play was early identification of risk factors for adolescent suicide. The goal of the role play was to gain knowledge of suicide risk indicators and appropriate responses to suicidal threats.

Suicide Prevention Training Guide for Lifeline Telephone Counsellors