What is helpful and what is challenging for the caregivers of young people receiving interventions to prevent suicide? Caregivers’ perspectives — a rapid scoping review

Background: Suicide is a leading cause of death among young people. Preventing suicide in young people is a priority. Caregivers play a vital role in ensuring interventions for young people experiencing suicide ideation and/or attempts are implemented, and that they are maintained over time. Despite this, little is known about what caregivers find helpful and […]

A systematic analysis and prioritization of suicide prevention research gaps

Objective This study identified and prioritized research gaps for suicide prevention in the Department of Defense to inform future research investments. Methods The 2019¬†VA/DoD Clinical Practice Guideline for the Assessment and Management of Patients at Risk for Suicide¬†was the primary source document for research gaps, supplemented by an updated literature search. Institutional stakeholders rated the […]

Attempted suicide in American Indian and Alaska Native populations: A systematic review of research on protective factors

American Indian and Alaska Native (AIAN) populations contend with disproportionately high rates of suicide. The study of protective factors is essential for highlighting resilience and formulating potential interventions for suicide. We systematically review factors that are posited to protect against suicide attempts for AIAN peoples. Seventeen (12 journal articles, five theses/dissertations) articles met inclusion criteria. […]

Segmenting or summing the parts? A scoping review of male suicide research in Canada

Objective: Suicide in Canadian men is high and rising. Research consistently indicates increased suicide risk in male subgroups including sexual minority, Indigenous, middle-aged, and military men. The current scoping review addresses the research question: Among male subgroups featured in Canadian suicide research, what are the key findings to inform suicide prevention efforts?. Method: A scoping […]

Book Review-The Neurobiology of Suicide: From the Bench to the Clinic (Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, vol.836), ed. by D M Stoff and J J Mann