Examining the relationship between mindfulness, self-compassion, and emotion regulation in self-injury

Objective: The objective of the current study was to investigate whether mindfulness and self-compassion are negatively associated with engagement in non-suicidal self-injury (NSSI) and whether emotion dysregulation would mediate this relation. Method: 343 participants (82.2% female; Mage = 23.98; SD = 7.47) were recruited from university and community settings, and completed online questionnaires. Two groups of participants were created: those with […]

Big ideas series: Self-regulation shift theory: trauma, suicide, and violence

Background Traumatic stress, suicide, and impulsive violence arguably are three of the most consequential problems facing societies today. Self-regulation shift theory is introduced to capture the underlying coping dynamics involved in these three grave challenges. Objectives Self-regulation shift theory, based in a nonlinear dynamical systems framework, focuses on critical psychological self-regulation thresholds and the role […]

Assessing positive emotion dampening and suicide risk presence and severity among college students

Introduction: College years represent a period that is commonly marked by emotion dysregulation and related risky behaviors, including suicide. Despite evidence that the dysregulation of positive emotions plays a unique role in suicidal thoughts and behaviors (STBs), most extant research has only examined emotion dysregulation and STBs in the context of negative emotions. Clarifying the […]

Assessing crisis chat visitors’ capacity to regulate thoughts related to suicide: A brief scale

Background:Regulation of suicidal thoughts may be defined as a person’s beliefs about their capacity to control affective and cognitive processes related to suicide. The inability to regulate suicidal thoughts is related to persistent suicidal thoughts, intentions, attempts, and suicide. Aims: The purpose of this study was to validate a scale that counselors could use to assess chat visitors’ […]

The opportunities and challenges of regulating the internet for self-harm and suicide prevention

Working to influence government policy on suicide prevention in the United Kingdom usually means working with the government Department of Health and Social Care around the cross-government suicide prevention strategy in England, and likewise in Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales. Rarely does an opportunity come along that involves influencing legislation, but this is what is […]