Emotional Impact of a Video-Based Suicide Prevention Program on Suicidal Viewers and Suicide Survivors

In light of ongoing concerns about iatrogenic effects associated with suicide prevention efforts using video-based media, the impact of emotionally-charged videos on 2 vulnerable subgroups – suicidal viewers & suicide survivors – was explored. Following participation in routine suicide education as a part of the American Air Force Suicide Prevention Program’s video-based community briefing, a[…]

Crisis – Looking Back Down the Road

“Crisis” is the journal of the International Association for Suicide Prevention. This editorial reviews the journal’s achievements in the previous year, noting the multitude of issues that were addressed. (29 refs.)

New Developments: Hogrefe’s new Open Access Program and Crisis Moving to six Issues per Year

In this editorial, the editor announces that “Crisis” is now going to be published six times a year. Secondly, a statement from the publisher outlines Hogrefe’s new open access program through which authors can make their research freely accessible online. The fees which authors must pay to cover production costs are outlined.

Three Decades of Suicide and Life-Threatening Behavior: a Bibliometric Study

This study quantified certain characteristics of the articles published in “Suicide and Life-Threatening Behavior” in three 5-year periods, namely, 1971-1975, 1984-1988, & 1997-2001. The characteristics in question include geographic origin of articles, number of authors per article, number of references listed per article, & number of times an article is cited in the literature. Changes[…]

Evidence-Based Practices Project for Suicide Prevention


Postvention Support System for Clinicians

Published in “Back to the Future: Refocusing the Image of Suicide,” ed. by J L McIntosh

Publishing for Suicidologists

Published in “Back to the Future: Refocusing the Image of Suicide,” ed. by J L McIntosh

Will Guidebook Assure Death With Dignity?


Support for Families, Whanau and Significant Others After a Suicide: a Resource Identification Report. Submitted to the Ministry of Youth Development

The project described here involved a search, synthesis & initial assessment of New Zealand & international media resources that target families, friends, & significant others who have been bereaved by suicide. The quality, accessibility, & focus of resources developed in New Zealand were compared to those developed internationally. Common features shared by the highest quality[…]

Support for Familes and Whanau and Significant Others Affected by Suicide Attempt: a Resource Identification Report

This report reviews a series of resources which are available to families, friends & significant others who have been affected by attempted suicide & are supporting someone who is at-risk of suicide. 80 media resources were reviewed & their key features (target audience, format, evidence & support, & accessibility) were recorded. The highest quality resources[…]