Aboriginal Youth Suicide Prevention Strategy (AYSPS): Summative Evaluation

The Aboriginal Youth Suicide Prevention Strategy is an initiative established in response to the Government of Alberta’s Children & Youth Initiatives. This report outlines the results of a summative evaluation conducted in 2007-2008 of 9 initial pilot sites & 7 new sites. The focus was to determine to what degree the Strategy had reached its […]

Suicide and Suicide Risk in Lesbian, gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Populations: Review and Recommendations

This article is a culmination of a 3-year effort by an expert panel to address the need for better understanding of suicidal behaviour & suicide risk in sexual minority populations, & stimulate the development of needed prevention strategies, interventions, & policy changes. This article summarizes existing research findings, & makes recommendations for addressing knowledge gaps […]

New Jersey Police Suicide Task Force Report

In October 2008, the Governor of New Jersey formed a task force to study police suicide in that state. The Task Force shared expertise, reviewed material on police suicide, & invited guest speakers to make presentations. Law enforcement supervisors were surveyed on their utilization of mental health services for their officers. 4 recommendations were made: […]

Manitoba Adult Suicide Mortality Review: Risk Factors Associated With Mental Health & Substance use Disorders

This report examines suicide mortality among adults, focussing on the role of mental health & substance use disorders in the province of Manitoba &, in particular, the Winnipeg Health Region. Data from the case files of 257 suicides that occurred in 2002 & 2004 were included.

Position Statement. Crisis Response and the Role of the Emergency Services and First Responders to Suicide and Suicide Attempts

This position statement reviews current pathways to care for people who consider or attempt suicide. It addresses the most common & likely situations, providing 9 recommendations to increase the capacity of individuals & services to provide appropriate care. The discussion includes the following topics: community & family response & gatekeeper training; crisis services; general practitioners […]

Strengthening the Safety Net: A Summary on the Suicide Prevention, Intervention and Postvention Initiative for BC/A Report on the Suicide Prevention, Intervention and Postvention Initiative for BC/Appendices for the Report and Summary on the Suicide

These documents present the structure for the suicide prevention, intervention, & postvention initiative for the province of British Columbia. Content includes: an introduction to the initiative; towards the development of a framework & planning template; the evidence-informed practice review; the snapshot survey; stakeholder survey for suicide prevention, intervention & postvention; the Suicide PIP Framework & […]

The Hidden Toll: Suicide in Australia

This document from the Australian Senate reports on their inquiry into suicide in Australia. Chapters include an introduction with the terms of reference, the costs of suicide, suicide reporting & statistics, suicide prevention roles & training, public awareness campaigns, targeted programs & universal interventions, suicide research, & the national suicide prevention strategy. Appendices include a […]

Charting the Future of Suicide Prevention: a 2010 Progress Review of the National Strategy and Recommendations for the Decade Ahead

This document reviews developments in the field of suicide prevention in the nine years since the American National Strategy for Suicide Prevention was published. It identifies the areas of most important progress as well as the critical areas that have gone relatively unaddressed. It also explores new issues or initiatives that have emerged to claim […]

Otago Suicide Prevention Needs Analysis

This needs analysis involved collecting quantitative data on suicide & self-harm in Otago; information & recommednations from previous suicide prevention projects; consultation with community groups & stakeholders; & a stocktake of current initiatives in Otago relevant to the goals of the New Zealand Suicide Prevention Strategy. Relevant suicide prevention literature is also summarized. Recommendations are […]

An Evaluation of the Implementation of Greenland’s National Strategy for Suicide Prevention With Recommendations for the Future

This report is based on extensive interviews with relevant service providers, government officials, & young people in communities across Greenland. The report examines suicide & suicide prevention from an Arctic perspective & discusses what has been working & what has not worked so well. Recommendations are made for PAARISA (the Ministry of Health) as well […]

Preventing Suicide by Jumping From Bridges Owned by the City of Ithaca and by Cornell University. Consultation to Cornell University: “Extended Report”

The authors were asked to consult on both immediate & long-term responses to recent suicides of students who jumped from bridges on or adjacent to the Cornell campus. This extended report includes the key issues conveyed at the consultation meetings & the major findings & recommendations of the consultants. It includes detailed summaries of the […]

Hope and Resilience: Suicide Prevention in the Arctic. November 7-8, 2009 Conference Report

This seminar was the second gathering of suicide prevention professionals working in Arctic regions. The seminar examined what is working in suicide prevention & what makes it works – as well as generating attention to the importance of mental & physical well-being in the Arctic. This report has 7 sections: background; understanding the problem; best […]

The Relationship Between Child Maltreatment, Sexual Abuse and Subsequent Suicide Attempts

This briefing evaluates the relationship between child abuse, particularly sexual, & other risk factors present during childhood, & subsequent suicide attempts. Incidence rates are also discussed. There is relatively little concrete evidence on childhood suicide & therefore much of the evidence presented in this report relates to suicide in later life. One of the key […]

Suicide in the Tokelau Islands

A survey revealed an extremely high suicide prevalence in Tokelau within the past 25 years. The rate of attempted suicide was 40/1,500 & the rate of suicide was 6/1,500 over the period 1980-2004. Attempted suicide prevalence was higher among males than females, though there was a 1:1 gender ratio in suicide. Prevalence was high among […]

Self-Harm, Suicide and Risk: Helping People who Self-Harm. Final Report of a Working Group (College Report CR158)

The focus of this report is to enquire into & report on why people harm & kill themselves & to consider the role (including the limits of the role) that psychiatrists & other mental healthcare professionals play in their care & treatment. Part I of the report is on understanding the problem & the people. […]

The Utility and Effectiveness of 15-Minute Checks in Inpatient Settings

Implementing harm reduction is among the administrative tasks used for maintaining a safe unit for psychiatric inpatients. Included in nursing procedures for observing suicidal patients is the practice of 15-minute checks. In reviewing the standard forms used in several major hospitals across the United States, the authors noticed a wide variation in the format & […]

Taranaki Suicide Prevention Needs Assessment

This report provides the results of a needs assessment conducted in the Taranaki region of New Zealand. 7 chapters discuss: data & methods; suicide in Taranaki; self-harm in Taranaki; suicide prevention in Taranaki; suicide prevention training & coordination; service mapping against the national suicide prevention action plan of 2008; & recommendations. Appendices provide the information […]

Antidepressants and Suicide Risk: how did Specific Information in FDA Safety Warnings Affect Treatment Patterns?

This study found the timing of the American Food & Drug Administration recommendations was associated with trends in the use of paroxetine & fluoxetine by children with major depressive disorder who were initiating antidepressant treatment. However, no evidence of increases in outpatient visits (indicative of monitoring) among depressed children initiating antidepressant use was found. Release […]

An Overview of Suicide Prevention Strategies: a Case Study of Knocknaheeny, Cork

This paper explores suicide prevention strategies in the area of Knocknaheeny in Cork, Ireland. Data was collected from national & international policies & agency publications. Theories of prevention were explored & prevention strategies which exist in other countries studied. The findings suggested a major awareness of the need for targeted suicide prevention services. Participants all […]

No-Suicide Contracts (IN: Assessment, Treatment, and Prevention of Suicidal Behavior, edited by R I Yufit & D Lester)

This chapter describes no-suicide contracts, places them in context, details the existing research on no-suicide contracts, & makes some recommendations about their use. Appendices include examples of no-suicide contracts for use with outpatients, inpatients, children aged 6-8 years, children aged 9-11 years, youth aged 12-17 years, & 2 versions of a verbal agreement. (52 refs.)

A Suicide Prevention Advisory Group at an Academic Medical Center


Helping College Students Cope With Suicidal Impulses (IN: Assessment, Treatment, and Prevention of Suicidal Behavior, edited by R I Yufit & D Lester)

This chapter opens by presenting data on the prevalence of suicide, suicide ideation, attempted suicide, other self-injurious behaviours, & stress among college & university students. Protective factors are discussed. The role of gatekeepers is outlined followed by an extensive discussion of assessment, intervention, & treatment, including psychological & pharmacological therapies. Involuntary hospitalization, practice recommendations, & […]

Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors for Children and Adolescents With Major Depression: Current Controversies and Recommendations

Published safety & efficacy trials of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors for the treatment of youth with depression were critically reviewed & augmented by information from regulatory hearings in 2003-2004 & selected open-label reports. Based on this review, recommendations for medication treatment & monitoring are provided. Emerging data from several clinical trials show these drugs provide […]