Examining individual and service delivery context variables and their association with the effectiveness of QPR suicide prevention gatekeeper training

Suicide prevention training programs have spread rapidly within child and public-serving organizations, due to the alarming increase in youth suicide rates. Yet, within these organizations, roles and responsibilities can shape attitudes and intentions related to suicide prevention, thereby influencing the uptake of prevention efforts. As such, various organizational and individual factors can predict uptake, adoption, […]

The certified QPR Pathfinder training program: A description of a novel public health gatekeeper training program to mitigate suicidal ideation and suicide deaths

Suicide represents a significant public health concern. One approach to reducing suicide rates is to train gatekeepers-community members who, through their day-to-day practices, interact with a substantial proportion of the population-to detect individuals at elevated suicide risk and refer them to appropriate mental health care services. One of the most well-known community gatekeeper training programs […]

The Certified QPR+ Pathfinder Training Program: Need, concept, framework, & curriculum for a global approach to the prevention and mitigation of suicidal ideation and deaths by suicide

According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration more than 12 million adults seriously considered suicide in 2019, compared to approximately 48,000 who died by suicide. Seriously thinking about suicide is a kind of misery index, a painful mental torment that negatively impacts all aspects of life. Extrapolating from the US ratio to […]

Evaluation of a peer-led implementation of a suicide prevention gatekeeper training program for college students

Background: Research on models of implementation that enable widespread dissemination of suicide prevention to young adults is needed to address the critical public health issue of suicide among young adults. A peer-to-peer implementation approach may increase widespread dissemination of suicide prevention on college campuses. Aims: The current study involved the evaluation of a peer-led implementation of the evidence-based […]