Understanding suicidal ideation in Latino/a adolescents living in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rican adolescents, as well as other Latinos/as, have been identified at higher risk for suicidal ideation and attempts compared to other ethnic groups. However, research designed to better understand suicidality among Puerto Rican adolescents is rare. Objective: A socio-cognitive vulnerability model of suicidal ideation was tested in adolescents living in Puerto Rico. Method: Multiple group path analyses were […]

A Socio-Demographic, Psychiatric and Medical Profile of Inpatient Suicide Attempters in a Psychiatric Hospital of Puerto Rico

This study describes the sociodemographic, medical, & psychiatric profile of psychiatric patients who had attempted suicide. Inpatient suicide attempts occurring in a state psychiatric hospital in Puerto Rico, during March 2005-March 2007, were assessed. A total of 44 attempts were made by 31 inpatients. The majority of patients had a diagnosis of psychotic & mood […]

Suicidal Behavior Among Adolescent Students in Puerto Rico, Academic Years 2002-2003 and 2003-2004


Epidemiological Trends of Suicide in Puerto Rico: 1931 to 1985