Efficacy of psychotherapies for borderline personality disorder: A systematic review and meta-analysis

OBJECTIVE: To conduct an updated systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized clinical trials to assess the efficacy of psychotherapies for BPD populations. DATA SOURCES: Search terms were combined for borderline personality and randomized trials in PubMed, PsycINFO, EMBASE, and the Cochrane Central Register of Controlled Trials (from database inception to November 2015), as well as […]

A proposed model of the development of suicidal ideations

Suicidal ideations may precede suicide attempts. They are of particular concern in psychiatric populations because psychopathology is a major risk factor for suicide. The factors affecting the development of suicide ideations may differ among psychiatric patients with and without a previous suicide attempt and individuals without a psychiatric diagnosis. Objectives The aim of this study […]

Problems of Importance for Suicide Attempts – the Patients’ Views

This study was designed to investigate suicide attempters’ views on problems underlying their suicidal behaviour. A questionnaire comprising 17 problems was presented to 54 non-consecutive patients admitted to a specialized psychiatric ward following an attempt. The most common problem was ‘feelings of loneliness,’ followed by ‘mental illness or psychiatric symptoms.’ Men more often experienced socio-economical […]