Beyond the wall: Death education at middle school as suicide prevention

This study investigates the psychological effects of participation in Death Education (DeEd) by middle school children in two towns in northeast Italy in which suicides occur to a greater extent than in the rest of the region. The aims of the project “Beyond the Wall” were inherent to the prevention of suicide, address existential issues […]

Psychodrama With Adolescents: Management Techniques That Work

Describes psychodrama group management methods used with adolescents in a psychiatric treatment center. The environmental setting, social norms, structure of sessions, & therapy styles are detailed. Management of group processess to counter disintegrative forces is also discussed. The case of a male participant with a history of suicide attempts & severe depression illustrate how the […]

The Suicidal Drama: A Therapist’s Response

This paper calls attention to the dramatic quality of suicide as an important issue in itself. Drama is a series of interactions between two or more people in which each person involved maintains a primary role: Victim, Rescuer, Persecutor.The drama triangle framework offers an overview that helps to understand & predict behavior. No solutions are […]

Psychosocial Drama: A New Approach

Psychosocial drama is a fusion of private & collective aspects of the human experience. It is portrayed non-verbally through the universal media of acting, music & movement, through 3-10 minute units of actions which present a situation to create its own catharsis & resolution. The audience impact occurs through upsetting cognitive consistencies or seeking to […]

Note on Indications and Contradictions for Acting out in Psychodrama

Discusses the indications for & against acting out suicidal or homicidal fantasies in the context of psychodrama. It is suggested that only if great precautions are taken to prevent their realization, such as would occur in a hospital, should such acting out be permitted.

Saying Good-by: An example of Using a Good-by Technique and Concomitant Psychodrama in the Resolving of Family Grief (Micro ED184020)

A structured technique for saying “good-by” or terminating a relationship is presented. It consists of three distinct phases that are all dynamically interrelated and can also be structured into separation caused by death. (KB)

Recognition and Management of Group Self-Destruction in Psychodrama

The authors have attempted to point out certain hallmarks of group behavior indicative of self-destructive import. They have come to consider such behavior mechanisms as the occasional consequence of human inter-activity, & as such must be accepted with good grace, since unfortunately, at the present stage of human development, it would appear that not all […]

Movement Therapy in the Treatment of Suicidal Patients

Suicide As A Psychodramatic Act