Our path of resilience: An action plan to promote life and prevent suicide in Newfoundland and Labrador

With increased awareness, reduced risk factors and enhanced protective factors, suicide is largely preventable, but given its wide reaching impact, it requires a sustained and collaborative effort. Reducing the  incidence of suicide in Newfoundland and Labrador requires a strategic and concerted effort by the health, education, justice and social systems. Suicide prevention is everyone’s responsibility.

Bill no. 601: An act respecting a provincial strategy for suicide prevention

The Saskatchewan Strategy for Suicide Prevention Act, 2021.

Pillars for life: The Saskatchewan Suicide Prevention Plan

Pillars for Life: The Saskatchewan Suicide Prevention Plan was informed by Working Together for Change: A 10 Year Mental Health and Addictions Action Plan for Saskatchewan. This Action Plan is Saskatchewan’s overarching approach to improving mental health and addictions services and supports across the human services sectors, including in the health care system. The Action […]

Building strength, inspiring hope: A provincial action plan for youth suicide prevention 2019-2024

Alberta has a provincial youth suicide rate that is 1.3 times the national average. Recent reports by the Child and Youth Advocate, the Alberta Mental Health Review Committee and the Ministerial Panel for Child Intervention have called upon the Government of Alberta to take a leadership role in preventing youth suicide. In response, the government […]

Nunavut Suicide Prevention Strategy

The Government of Nunavut, Nunavut Tunngavik Inc., the Embrace Life Council, & the Royal Canadian Mounted Police formed a partnership to develop a suicide prevention strategy for Nunavut. The strategy begins with the Partner’s vision for a healthier Nunavut. It then examines the current situation, & the historical & present-day factors that underlie & perpetuate […]

Aboriginal Youth Suicide Prevention Strategy (AYSPS): Summative Evaluation

The Aboriginal Youth Suicide Prevention Strategy is an initiative established in response to the Government of Alberta’s Children & Youth Initiatives. This report outlines the results of a summative evaluation conducted in 2007-2008 of 9 initial pilot sites & 7 new sites. The focus was to determine to what degree the Strategy had reached its […]

Strengthening the Safety Net: A Summary on the Suicide Prevention, Intervention and Postvention Initiative for BC/A Report on the Suicide Prevention, Intervention and Postvention Initiative for BC/Appendices for the Report and Summary on the Suicide

These documents present the structure for the suicide prevention, intervention, & postvention initiative for the province of British Columbia. Content includes: an introduction to the initiative; towards the development of a framework & planning template; the evidence-informed practice review; the snapshot survey; stakeholder survey for suicide prevention, intervention & postvention; the Suicide PIP Framework & […]

Towards the Development of a Nunavut Suicide Prevention Strategy: a Summary Report on the 2009 Community Consultations

To ensure that all perspectives on suicide were considered, the Working Group for a Nunavut Suicide Prevention Strategy organized a wide-ranging consultation in the summer of 2009. A total of 54 consultations were held; 251 people shared their views. This report describes what the participants said, dividing their comments into 2 groups: general comments on […]

Summary of Available Data and Evidence on Priority Groups at Risk of Suicide in Alberta Third Edition

The Alberta provincial suicide prevention strategy identified six priority groups for action – Aboriginal peoples, individuals affected by the aftermath of suicide or suicidal behaviour, individuals diagnosed with a mental illness, middle-aged males, previous attempters, & school-aged teens & young adults. This report updates the data & evidence that can be used to inform & […]

Connecting to Life: Provincial Suicide Prevention Program. Program Description – September 2007

This booklet describes the New Brunswick Provincial Suicide Prevention Program. It outlines the principles & goals & the program model. Risk & protective factors are summarized. The structure of the program is discussed as is the Community Suicide Prevention Committee. The text is available in English and French.

Reclaiming Hope: Manitoba’s Youth Suicide Prevention Strategy

This document is the youth suicide prevention strategy for the province of Manitoba. Elements of the strategy include: assessment & planning; mental health promotion; awareness & understanding; prevention, intervention, & postvention; & data, surveillance, research, & evaluation.

Qaujijausimajuni Tunngaviqarniq: Using Knowledge and Experience as a Foundation for Action. A Discussion Paper on Suicide Prevention in Nunavut


A Plan for a Mental Health Research Program for Alberta

This publication outines a plan for enhancing mental health research in Alberta. It proposes a new vision for mental health research, provides guiding principles, outlines anticipated outcomes & benefits, describes how a new program for mental health research could work, & details the next steps to be taken. Principles, goals, & strategies focus on research […]

Background Report to a Plan for a Mental Health Research Program for Alberta: Reflecting Input From Regional, Community, and Research Community Forums

This report presents the results of the Alberta Provincial Mental Health Research Plan Stakeholder Forums held in the Fall of 2004. The groups were asked to consider four questions: to what extent is the emerging mental health research strategy directionally correct? to what extent does the plan address the issues & priorities of the stakeholder […]

Background Report to a Plan for a Mental Health Research Program for Alberta: Aboriginal Forum Summary Report

This report presents the ideas, expressed wishes, & concerns expressed by Aboriginal participants attending a forum on the mental health research plan for Alberta. 3 major themes were delineated from participant comments: the importance of knowing the Aboriginal community & building relationships; the importance of involving the Aboriginal community; & the importance of recognizing, respecting, […]

Background Report to a Plan for a Mental Health Research Program for Alberta. Mental Health Research in Alberta – Rationale, Context, Current Resources and Opportunities

This document is intended to be a background report to “A Plan for a Mental Health Research Program for Alberta” (see SIEC #2009-1092). Topics covered include: the impact of mental illness; why a research agenda focused on mental health is needed; current & potential resources for mental health research in Alberta; & taking the mental […]

Annirusuktugut: a Suicide Intervention and Prevention Strategy for the Government of Nunavut


Nova Scotia Strategic Framework to Address Suicide


Benchmark and Recommendations to Address Suicide in Nova Scotia

This report provides benchmarks & recommendations for suicide prevention, intervention, & postvention in Nova Scotia. Principles of programming & how to build capacity are also discussed.

The Transformative Change Accord: First Nations Health Plan. Supporting the Health and Wellness of First Nations in British Columbia

This document outlines an action plan for closing the gaps between First Nations peoples & other British Columbia citizens in the areas of health, education, housing, & economic opportunities over the next 10 years. One part of the plan is to reduce the gap in youth suicide rates between First Nations & other British Columbians […]

Aboriginal Mental Health: a Framework for Alberta

This document provides a framework for Aboriginal mental health in Alberta. A background section provides information on factors that impact mental health in this population. The next section discusses key mental health issues among Aboriginal peoples & considerations for program development. A proposed conceptual model, strategic directions, & a framework for action are set forth […]

A Framework for Suicide Prevention Planning in Manitoba

This framework was developed to assist government & community agencies in Manitoba develop plans to address suicide. Data on suicide & self-inflicted injury, a review of best practices, recommendations from inquests, & existing suicide prevention strategies were used to formulate the Manitoba framework. The framework has 5 components, each with associated goals & objectives: assessment […]

Positive Futures – Optimizing Mental Health for Alberta’s Children & Youth. A Framework for Action (2006-2016)

This document outlines the framework of the Alberta Government’s mental health plan for children & adolescents. Three strategic directions are identified: building capacity to enhance/increase factors that promote mental health & well-being; removing or reducing risk to well-being & mental health; & providing support & treatment to children, youth, & their families. Supporting activities include […]