Designing mental health promotion campaigns: segmenting U.S. Veteran audiences to address public stigma

Background Public stigma is a significant deterrent to mental health service use for U.S. veterans. Media campaigns are often used to dispel stigmatizing beliefs and actions. Segmentation is an evidence-based practice for their effective use; however, little data has been published on veteran segments to target with anti-stigma messages. Aims This article aims to identify […]

World Suicide Prevention Day: September 10th. Saving Lives … Restoring Hope

This booklet was produced by the Regional Suicide Prevention Council in Medicine Hat, Alberta for World Suicide Prevention Day, 2009. It includes a variety of general articles on suicide & how to help someone who may at risk. Phone numbers for counselling & crisis services in southeastern Alberta are also included.

Developing Guidelines for Campus Suicide Prevention Anti-Stigma Posters: a Focus Group Approach (IN: Compelling Counseling Interventions: VISTAS 2009, edited by G R Walz, J C Bleuer, & R K Yep)

This chapter describes an anti-stigma project designed to increase early identification of at-risk college students & increase conducive help-seeking attitudes & behaviours among the campus community. Anti-stigma guidelines will be utilized to develop slogans & artwork for the campus. (5 refs.)

Men at Risk

This pamphlet describes the Men at Risk program. This program is targeted to adult men working in the trades, industry, & agriculture, & those who interact with them. Program content includes information on healthy ways to cope with problems, what to do if someone is at risk of suicide, & resources for getting help.

Family: Communications Insight Gathering Report

Working Together for the Prevention of Young Suicide

This brochure describes the services of Papyrus, a voluntary organization dedicated to suicide prevention & the promotion of mental health & well-being.

About the LA Youth Suicide Prevention Task Force!

Canadian Coalition for Seniors Mental Health: Connecting People, Ideas and Resources

This pamphlet describes the mission, history, focus issues, & strategic initiatives of the Canadian Coaliation for Seniors Mental Health.

Youth Suicide Prevention Information New Zealand

This promotional brochure provides information about Suicide Prevention Information New Zealand (SPINZ), a New Zealand wide information service which aims to assist communities & services to prevent youth suicide by providing them with information. SPINZ activities, including information collection & distribution, information development, & community liaison, are outlined.

Gun Violence: Making Connections With Suicide, Domestic Violence, and Substance Abuse

This pamphlet is suitable for a general audience. The pamphlet contains a section of myths & facts in regards to suicide & guns. It also includes information on several topics that relate to guns such as substance abuse, suicide, & violence against women. The pamphlet concludes with recommendations that individuals can take to address gun […]

Bereaved by Suicide – We Care

Getting it Right? Making Resources to Encourage Primary Prevention and Early Intervention

This presentation explored the processes involved in developing 3 resources for use in primary & early intervention to prevent mental health problems. Drawing on examples from the development phase of the ‘Reach Out!’ internet site, the NHMRC booklet ‘Getting up From Feeling Down and Blue Daze’, & the National Parenting Initiative project booklet ‘Tips for […]

Australian Institute for Suicide Research & Prevention

This pamphlet describes the activities and programs of the Australian Institute for Suicide Research and Prevention.

Make a Noise: Preventing Suicide Through Community Development. Interim Report 1997-98

This document outlines the strategies taken by the Youth Suicide Prevention Project in its first year. It provides insight into the rationale behind different approaches & where change has been measurable. Discussion of the project takes place in the context of partnerships, community training, campaigns, policies, teamwork, evaluation, limitations, & the future of the project.

Suicide Risk Across Society: Suicide Prevention Week, May 6-12, 2001

The theme of Suicide Prevention Week 2001 was suicide risk across society with a particular focus on groups who have traditionally been neglected. This kit includes materials that provide information on how suicide risk can be decreased by educating the public, media, & health professionals about suicide. Some articles from “Suicide and Life-Threatening Behavior” & […]

Reach Out!

Reach Out! is an Internet program designed to help young people through difficult times. This kit contains promotional materials about the program including information sheets on questions asked about Reach Out!, a media release, what people say about the program, the Reach Out! tour, & how to help a friend. A poster & 2 stickers […]

The Race is not Only for the Swift but for Those who Keep on Running. Preventing Suicide in men

Face the Facts About Suicide: it Isn’t Going Away. It Begins With you

This pamphlet provides information on the presentations coordinated by Lifeline Australia on suicide awareness. The program is 1-3 hours for audiences of 10-50 people, and is suitable for any interested community group. This presentation gives information on the real facts about suicide, the differences between prevention & intervention, recognizing a person at risk, and where […]

Get the Facts… What Every Person Should Know About Youth Suicide Prevention

This pamphlet provides general information on the following topics: depression, symptoms of depression in children & adolescents, myths, American suicide statistics, motives for youth suicide, risk factors, suicide risk factors for gay, lesbian, bisexual & transgendered youth, warning signs, how to help a suicidal friend, do’s & don’ts for suicide prevention, support resources, & tips […]

Sharing our Loss: Self-Help Support Group for Families & Friends Bereaved by Suicide

This pamphlet provides information about a bereavement support group in Lethbridge, Alberta. The philosophy, format, leadership style, meeting place & times, & contact people are outlined. Three stages of suicide bereavement – numbness & shock, loss & disorganization, & acceptance & reorganization, are briefly discussed. A short poem, “Sharing the Grief” is printed on the […]

Community Crisis Centre of Windsor-Essex County

This pamphlet outlines the services provided by the Community Crisis Centre in Windsor, Ontario.

Teen Suicide: Youth at Risk

This information pamphlet provides facts about suicide, risk factors, warning signs & ways to support the suicidal person. A list of phone numbers for community agencies in Peel & the surrounding area is also provided.

Demander de l’aide… C’est fort!/Informations sur l’interpretation du tableau sur le processus-type de resolution de probleme chez les hommes adultes